A Brief Introduction


My name is Amy. I want to introduce myself and the best way I can think of to do that is as follows. Ahem.

I often like to think of myself as a stuffy old English librarian shoved into the body of a fifteen year old boy squished into a 21 year old Australian girl. Picture a female version of Giles from Buffy and a randy teenage boy who constantly thinks about dirty jokes and sex and then mash that together with an image of me (which I have so helpfully provided for you above), and that’s about it. I am essentially a tea-drinking, word-loving, book-reading, bowtie-wearing geek who curses like a sailor, loves boobs, sometimes watches porn and also happens to straighten my hair, paint my nails and wear red lipstick on occasion.

I have another blog, which you can find here, and if you’re in any way interested, feel free to check it out. It is likely you will learn more there about me than I have time to explain just now, though I’d wager you’ll get to know me quite well if you frequent this blog regularly. However I should warn you now, I am in no way shy or reserved about the things I say. You may learn things you wish you hadn’t, and read things that will inevitably offend you but my only advice to you, should that be the case, is simply not to read my blog.

It is my great pleasure to meet you.

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