A Curious Day

In my last post, I mentioned that I don’t lead a very interesting life and thus, it would be pointless to write about my day. However, today at least, I have to prove myself wrong. From the moment I woke up, today had a curious feeling to it. I couldn’t help but think that something was different about today, and as the day progressed, my expectations were indeed exceeded.

It started when I got in my friend’s car and she was playing one of my favourite Pendulum songs instead of the Iron Maiden that she has played in her car ever morning ever since I met her. This sudden and unexpected change was strange but nevertheless welcome. (The same songs can only be heard so many times before one begins to lose one’s mind.)

I am a hotel housekeeper, and I work with a team consisting entirely of women and one man. Now, I talk a lot, especially at work because the other girls are mostly quiet in the morning and I feel I have to fill the void. Yet lately, and particularly this morning, the office was abuzz with conversation and laughter. It was odd but again, a nice change from the norm. From there, things only got more pleasantly strange.

I was halfway through cleaning my first room when my boss’ boss, the informally polite, suit-wearing manager of the hotel came up to me bearing a tray of takeaway coffee cups from the cafe downstairs, and handed me one. Slightly baffled but happily surprised by the random act of kindness, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I’m not a coffee drinker and took the offered beverage with thanks. What else could I have done, turned and said ‘no thanks, I’ll just shun your generosity because it’s not my hot drink of choice.’? Yeah, no. I added about six sugars to it and did drink it because I felt it would be rude not to. Of course I regretted it later when I had that horrible coffee taste in my mouth for the next hour but what are you gonna do?


Then, I walked into a room to give it a service and on the desk was a little notebook that I couldn’t help but find hilarious. I don’t usually like going into stayover rooms to clean them because I feel like I’m intruding (even though I know it’s my job) and sometimes I find things I don’t really want to see. (Stories for another blog!) But today, I was glad I had because I found myself chuckling about it for the rest of the day. And when you work in a job that is far from ideal, good days are few and far between.

Spork! Geddit?! If you don't laugh at this, we cannot be friends.

Then later on, as I was doing minibar, I walked into a room and someone had written a note, asking fir a change in one of the items. There was a ps at the bottom that informed me (me the generic minibar person as opposed to me specifically) that my (our) work was appreciated. Oftentimes I find that guests don’t really realise that there are people that clean their rooms and restock the minibar. They take for granted that they’ll put their ‘please clean’ lights on when they leave their room and when they get back, everything will be magically cleaned and stocked. It was nice to know that at least one person acknowledges and appreciates the work we do.

From the legend in room 321

And today was a day full of jokes and puns and funny instances of things being misheard. Like when my Iron Maiden loving friend passed me in the hall and quite innocently said, ‘this vacuum cleaner sucks’ and I said, (you guessed it) ‘yes, well I do believe that actually is the point.’ Or when I told her that, to find her car keys she should shake her bag and see if she could hear them rattle, and the supervisor thought I’d told her to shake her vag. I mean, what would a person be doing, keeping their car keys in their vagina? Surely there are more fun things to put in there?!

And then, to top off the day full or strange happenings and curious oddities, I returned home to find that someone – multiple someones in fact – had changed what was written on my blackboard. It originally read’ Stay Positive’, which my brother apparently.wholeheartedly agreed with. And then my best friend decided, since I’m the least positive person we know, my sexual orientation would be an easier and more appropriate thing to stay. And then my nanna got in on the action too and…well, the result is a rather chaotic collaboration.

A collaboration with my best friend, my brother and my grandmother.

I don’t know if any of this is particularly interesting to you, but I needed to get it all down so I could remember in the future, that I once had a really awesome day at work. Happy Saturday, y’all.

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