Long Lock Lamentations

I’m not a girly girl. I don’t like pink, I’m not overly fussed with makeup, I’m more likely to wear shorts and band tees than dresses and I’d rather watch a horror film than suffer through a chick flick. But one of the few things I’m girly about is my hair.

Indecisive and impatient to a fault, I cut my hair periodically and have never grown it much past my bra strap. Usually it gets to my shoulders and I hack it all short again. Of course I immediately regret my decision and plan to grow it again, until it reaches that same shoulder length and then I cut it and grow it and cut it and grow it and…the point is, though I have always dreamed about it, I have never had long hair. The last time I hacked it all short was November, 2012. I haven’t cut my hair since, except for a trim every six weeks or so. Despite wanting to cut it, and being frustrated by how slowly it grows, I have refrained from my urges and my hair is once again at bra strap length. This is a milestone for me, ans every compliment I receive makes me thankful I’ve stuck to my decision.

Not long after hacked it off.

But with long hair comes it’s own set of problems. Things like;
1. You find hair EVERYWHERE. With the amount of hair that I shed, I should be bald. The bathroom floor is covered with it, it clogs plug holes and gets caught on everything. I won’t lie, I’ve even found hair in my butt crack after showering. It’s a serious problem.
2. That shit tickles. I’m constantly searching for phantom hairs that have been lightly brushing my face or arms. Plus, I usually panic, thinking a spider is crawling on me and have to pull kung fu movements to attack said imaginary spider, only to find that my adversary is in fact my own hair.
3. It’s hot. With summer in fill swing, I want to cut my hair now more than ever. With so much hair, that gets progressively heavier as it grows, I get even more overheated and sweaty. Honestly, it’s like wearing a jumper on my head.
4. It gets in the way. I drive with the windows up because otherwise, I get blinded by my own hair. It falls in my face when I read, flops in my eyes when I lie down, pokes me in the eyeballs when I’m watching a movie. It’s downright irritating!
5. Headaches. Having to wear my hair up so often for various reasons, I develop headaches. Even when I tie my hair loosely, it’s not uncommon for me to have to deal with increasingly achy pain in my head region, all due to having long hair.

It’s a tough life, being a girl with long hair. Some days I love it, other days I want nothing more than to shave completely bald. For now, I shall remain steadfast in my decision to grow my hair, and just deal with all the countless issues that come with it. The things we do in the name of vanity. No wonder girls are crazy!

Progress, yo.

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