Casual Thoughts on Waking Up and Needing to Pee

Jerk rooster has the right idea.

I am the first one awake. My friends and I went to bed at a little after 4am this morning. They are all sleeping soundly. I’ve been awake since 9.

I always feel awkward when I’m staying somewhere and I’m the first one awake. What do I do? I need to pee but I’m worried the toilet flush will wake the others up. But at the same time, I want them to wake up so we can do stuff. I’m bored, guys. I’m a restless kind of person. Right now, I’m thinking of all the things I could be doing, instead of sitting here waiting for the others to stop being asleep. Most of them involve showering and eating. And I still have to pee.

I’m always on the go. I work full time and on my weekends, if I’m not running errands or cleaning, I have other stuff to fill my days. I don’t know how to have days off. Similarly, I don’t know how to be awake and not have something to do. I’d consider going out on my own, but I’m unfamiliar with the city, and would probably get myself lost. Plus, I can’t do that without a shower, and I can’t shower in the silent house, lest the others yell at me for disturbing their slumber. If I were at home, I’d already have gotten up and made breakfast, probably be showering right now. But I’m not at home. And I STILL need to pee!

The neighbours have just started up a lawn mower. I’d be annoyed, except I’m hoping my friends will wake up. I’m a bad person. But that means I can get up and make noise now, so I don’t care. Neighbours, my bladder thanks you.

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