5am Ramblings

Your left hand splinters bone and wrenches my still beating heart from my chest. Merciless.
I feel pain, and I feel nothing all at once and I wonder how it can be so.
You eyes are full of warmth and yet I can feel how cold the hand is that cradles my life as it drains away. A strange dichotomy of love and cruelty.
As my knees collapse beneath me, I can no longer breathe. This is a slow torture and I want more than anything for it to end. I want freedom from these last vestiges of the life that has been so ruthlessly taken.
You get down beside me and hold me in your arms, a caress of my forehead with bloody fingers, a cold kiss that leaves you lips stained red.
My vision fades. My body cools. My heart in your hand slowly ceases to beat.
A tear slides down my cheek as you whisper that you love me, and even though you have ruined me, I still foolishly believe the lie.

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