Staying Motivated is Harder Than it Looks

I’ve been very unmotivated lately. I made a plan at the start of this year to finish the book I’m writing by December. I had grand plans of writing a little every night, and instead I’ve allowed myself to get distracted by continuous episodes of How I Met Your Mother. I am a failure.

Even my blog writing has suffered lately. I have a whole lot of topics I want to write about but can’t be bothered writing. I want to, I really do. But I’m horrendously lazy and the last writing I did was a couple of weeks ago. In my defence, I’ve been insanely busy…which, now that I read it, sounds like an excuse. But I really have been!

The thing about writing is that it’s harder than people think. I would love to be able to sit down and smash out a billion words at once but sometimes I’m lucky to even write a hundred. My current project is perhaps the thing I’ve been the most invested in, possibly ever. And still, I have spent hours in front of my computer staring at a painfully empty page with no inspiration at all. I wouldn’t call this dry (writing) spell writer’s block, but if I don’t write something soon, I fear it might turn into it, and then it will be December and I’ll be no closer to my dream.

So here’s to getting inspired, staying motivated and writing the shit out of this book. Mark my words, folks. Nine months from now, my book will be in stores and y’all will remember this post and cheer with me. *nods*

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