Uninformed Assholes With an Opinion

I have a serious problem with people who judge another person on the basis of sexual orientation. I mean, it’s a dick move to judge anyone based on anything they have no control over, but homophobia is a particular sore point with me. As a young woman who has identified as liking other women since I was twelve, I take umbrage to people automatically hating me on the basis of that one small detail that I have no control over.

You said it, Mr Freeman!
You said it, Mr Freeman!

Yesterday my friend came back to work after a smoke break, with a story about one of the tradies currently doing some construction at the shopping centre I work at. He asked her about another fellow who works in the same centre, who happens to be openly gay. Once the tradie heard confirmation of gayness, his automatic response was ‘ugh, I hate faggots.’ As soon as my friend told me, I saw red. I wondered if the tradie in question had the same problem with lesbians, considering how often judgemental assholes seem to think that there’s a difference. This guy was, surprisingly, an exception. He hates all gay people, male and female alike.

When my friend questioned him further, he fit snugly into the stereotype, and said he hates gays because, in his words, he believes they all want to fuck him. Here’s where things started to make me even more angry. I don’t automatically assume that every girl I meet is going to want in my pants. And by the same token, not all gay men want to shag every man they set eyes on. As a vehemently straight man, I don’t assume the tradie wants to jump the bones of every girl who walks past either, so I don’t understand how he thinks there’s a difference. He went on to say he never chases after girls, because they’re always falling all over him anyway, so evidently his arrogance has no limits. He made some comment about ‘being from the country’, as if that was an indication of his heterosexuality. I’m sorry, but I wasn’t aware that gay people only lived in big cities. His argument makes no sense.

I just don’t understand. If you’re going to bigoted about something, at least get your facts right. I get so sick of these uninformed jerks raging about things they don’t understand, and making assumptions about a certain thing based on preconceived notions they have about it. And hating someone because of thier sexual orientation is archaic. Spouting bigoted nonsense is only going to make you come across as a jerk, and frankly it makes you seem uneducated.

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