My Not Dating is a Lifestyle Choice

I don’t date. Like, pretty much ever. Of my nearly 23 years, I’ve been single for 22 and a half of them. And honestly, I can’t imagine anything worse than ‘dating’. Even if you take my penchant for enjoying my own company out of the equation, I would much prefer to be single and content, than dating and miserable.

I know a girl, and I guess she is what you might consider a serial dater. She’s constantly going on dates with different men, expecting that each new guy will be different than the last one…ten…hundred. And she always walks away disappointed because he didn’t call, or he didn’t respond to her texts or he didn’t even turn up. Yet despite every disappointment, she insists on hooking up with man after man, in a desperate attempt to complete her trifecta. You see, she has a career and owns her own house but she’s missing the husband. And apparently you can’t be happy unless you fit into society’s ideal.

The girl in question is always talking to my best friend, asking his advice on things like whether guys like independent women, or how many dates she should go on before sex. It strikes me as incredibly sad that a woman in her mid twenties is still more concerned with appeasing men than she is with being happy within herself. And so, she dates. But the thing is, she thinks the problems are always with the guy, and conveniently overlooks her own issues.

She is looking for Brad Pitt, with Einstein intelligence and bedroom abilities of a sex god. And good for her, if she can find a guy that meets her vastly unrealistic expectations. No one should have to settle for mediocre, after all. But what about just good? Why do people so often have to set impossible criteria for potential partners? You can’t go through life being unreasonably picky and then complaining that you can’t get a date.

Honestly, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about dating. With everything I hear and see of my friends, I genuinely believe I’m better off. So often, these dates result in one or both parties being unhappy and going home at the end of the night feeling shit about themselves. Being single has never bothered me, and being out of the dating scene is more of a relief than anything else. The truth is, I wouldn’t even know what to do on a date. I’ll leave the dating to everyone else, excuse me while I go get up close and personal with a book and a cup of tea.

Or probably pizza. Good thinking, man.

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