A Fox and a Fledgling Business

the elegant fox 2

Recently, I made the decision to go ahead with my plan to start a small ‘business’. I don’t own a shop, and I didn’t invest in anything. All I did was decide that I would start putting my sewing skills to good use, develop them a bit, and hopefully start making a little bit of extra cash. But I’m a hopelessly hopeless adult, so it’s been a somewhat slow process.

The first thing I did was register my business name and secure myself an ABN. Basically, this allows me to trade under a business name, and I’m registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. When I received the letter in the mail telling me that I was an official business owner, I got a little bit excited, and thus, The Elegant Fox was born! There’s something about taking that first step that just seemed really positive. From there, I kind of got sidetracked. Life has a way of…well, getting in the way.

The next step in the process was to organise a logo. I contacted my tattoo artist (an insanely talented fellow and all around rad dude) and threw some ideas at him. He was happy to oblige, and within a week, I had myself a dapper little character to go with the business name. Once I was happy with everything, and had a logo ready to go, it was time to actually do something productive and open a shop. I scouted a bunch of online selling platforms and settled on madeit.com. I set up my details, created a business paypal account and then…didn’t do anything about it for a solid two weeks. I want to blame it on life again, but in this case I was just lazy and unmotivated.

Finally, this week I put some items in my madeit shop, and for the first time since I got my letter in the mail confirming my business name, I felt like I was doing something productive. I made a Facebook page to help promote what I do, and that was that. Now I have to get sewing, so people can get buying, so I can get buying more fabric, so I can get sewing, so people can start…well, you get the picture.

Please feel free to go and check out my shop here or my Facebook page here. Both are a little naked at the moment, but I have things in the works, I promise!

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