Thoughts From an Insomniac Mind, on the Verge of Sleep

My eyes are heavy. My right hip and knee are both aching. It’s been a long day. My family was over tonight, the first time I’ve really had them at my house for an extended period of time. It was like the old days. We laughed, sometimes to the point of coughing fits. The house was loud. I had a good night. But now I want to go to bed.

My house is quiet now. I can hear the sounds of the people at the pub down the road, and the cars driving past my house, but in here I am cut off from all of that. I like being away from the people, in my sanctuary. My boss thinks it’s weird that I don’t like people in my house. I don’t know how to explain why. I’m just a private person. And I like to have an escape.

I will go to sleep tonight in a bed that is too big for me, as I do every night. I have two sides and yet I still curl up in the same way I did when I had a single bed. The other side of the bed remains cold. I wonder if it is jealous of my side. I wonder if it too just wants someone to curl up with, and be close to. Maybe tonight I’ll sleep over there instead.

I am tired. My head aches, likely from the heat and the mediocre wine. I should drink some water, and go to bed. I should. But I’ll probably stay here on the couch and pass out, because I’m lazy and just the right amount of weary. Eventually I’ll wake, stumble to bed and forget that I was supposed to sleep on the other side. I guess my bed will have to learn to live with disappointment.

Goodnight, sweet friends. Slumber soundly, and dream deeply. I’ll see you again when I wake.

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