Glass Girl

‘I am in love with you,’ she said, ‘and it is powerful and all consuming, and more intense than anything I have ever known. And I want desperately not to love you, because it would be easier. Because it breaks me just a little more every day, and I’m terrified of losing you, and terrified of losing myself all at once. I am made of glass, and with every tiny fissure, I weaken. One day, I will shatter, and all that will be left of me will be fragments of a glass girl. If I was a stronger person, I would walk away, find someone new, settle into a love that is just good. But I have too long been yours, and could no sooner walk away than I could carve out my heart from my chest. I am bound to you, love. And gods help me, but when it hurts, and I’m crying on the bathroom floor at three in the morning, you’re still the person I call to make it better.’

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