Making, and Wearing Handmade

There is something so cool about wearing handmade. Today I got out of bed and put on pyjama shorts. As I was pulling them on, it kind of struck me that I had created them. I had taken flat fabric and turned it into a wearable item of clothing. And that is really fucking cool.

I’m still relatively new at the sewing game, having only really started last year. But even since I first brought my sewing machine home, and set myself up with an ironing board in my bedroom for a sewing desk, things have improved. My skills have improved, and developed. The first thing I made properly was an apron. My friend had given me a whole bunch of fabric, and there was this sweet owl patterned material in the mix. Without using a pattern, I drew and cut and stitched and the result was a dodgy, but wearable apron. I was so proud of myself.

I made a few more aprons, to get the hang of my machine, and develop a technique. Then I started with skirts. The first one I ever made was a disaster. It turned out really well, and was lined and everything. Right up until I put it in the wash, and the coloured waistband bled into the mainly white skirt and stained. And then there was the shrinking issue. When the lining shows up a good inch below the fabric, you know you’ve stuffed up somewhere. Well, suffice to say, I’ve pre washed my fabric ever since.

For a long while, I didn’t really do any sewing at all. I didn’t have a place to set up at my dad’s house, and I am pretty bad when it comes to staying motivated. But then earlier this year, I got back into it, and found that I really, really loved making things. I take great joy from challenging myself, and have a kind of smug stubbornness in regards to not using patterns. I tend to just look at things, shrug and say ‘yeah, I could probably make that.’ Plus, patterns often confuse me anyway.

Once I moved out and had a bona fide sewing space, everything intensified. I started The Elegant Fox, started making things for other people as well as myself, and began expanding my repertoire. The beautiful thing about sewing is that there are always new things to learn, and a world of things to create. As of last night, I’ve added making cabochon jewelry to my skill set. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for months, and the pieces I ordered finally arrived this week. And I have so many more ideas in the works, so watch this space! (or this one). Many more cool, creative things are on the way!


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