Driving Me Mad

Up until last year, when (after two previous attempts) I got my licence, I would walk everywhere. The beauty of living reasonably close to town, and everything else, is that walking was a possibility. In fact, the enjoyment I got from walking, coupled with my stubbornness, and unwillingness to rely on anyone else, meant that even if it was likely to take me an hour or longer to get somewhere, I would walk. And then I got my licence, and bought my first car and suddenly, I stopped walking everywhere, and driving became my main method of transportation.

The thing is, I actually really hate driving. I mean, I really hate it. And when it comes to motor vehicles, I have the worst luck. As you may have read, I had an accident a few weeks ago and wrote off my valiant and reliable little Laser. But that wasn’t the first accident I had with poor old Edie. Mid year some time, I was parked up at one of two major shopping centres in my home town. I was at work for all of five minutes, and when I came out, a big four wheel drive was parked next to me. Not only did he park at an angle, but he had parked halfway in my bay, which left me very little room to manoeuvre. I was so concerned with not hitting his shiny brand new car, that I misjudged the distance between my car and the pole on the other side. Bang. I reversed right into that pole, and the mudguard was officially ruined. Drivable, but not aesthetically pleasing.

So I went out to a car dealer and had a chat with them after Edie died, and I got financed for a new car. In the meantime, because I’m without a vehicle, they loaned me a car. And let me tell you, I’ve never been more careful driving a car in my life (except when they gave me a 2015 model demo car for the weekend). So this weekend just gone, I was going out to buy some fabric to get my sew on. I was in the car park, went to turn a corner and another car decided to take that same corner too fast, without indicating, and way way too close to me. I panicked, tried to avoid a collision, and ended up scraping the left side of the car against a guard rail. Dint in the door, scratches along the door and rear quarter panel…I was devastated. So, I called the car dealer and took it out to see them, and they put my mind at ease and told me not to stress so much (too late!).

But minor accidents aside, I hate other aspects of driving too. I hate car jams and idiot drivers (of which there seems to be an inordinately large number in my home town), I hate parking, and paying for parking, and how whenever I’m in a hurry, I manage to get every single red light. Sure, there are upsides. The independence and the convenience are definite pros in a long list of cons. And sometimes I really enjoy a nice drive by myself at night, with tunes playing. But honestly, I kind of miss the days when I didn’t have a choice but to walk. Having my licence has bred laziness in my exercise habits.

What it comes down to, is that driving makes me angry. More often than not, I get out of the car in a semi furious…fury. And though I guess I wouldn’t give up the ability to drive, on the basis of the few positive aspects, I can say for certain that walking never made me as frustrated and angry as driving does.


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