City and Colour, 2016


Last night I kicked off my year of live music, and I went to see City and Colour. I cannot even begin to describe to you what a phenomenal experience it was. After a long, stressful week, I rushed home after work yesterday, had to forgo a shower due to time constraints, packed hurriedly for my impending trip to Sydney for work (more about that another time) and drove with my mum into the city.

We arrived in time to miss the line-up at the gates and see six or so songs from the support act. The tickets were seated, and I booked them months ago, so we were six rows from the stage, in prime viewing position. The main act was pre-empted by a performance from an Australian band called Little May with whom I was solidly impressed – so much so that I later purchased their album at the merch stand. They had a fantastic sound that was the perfect accompaniment to City and Colour’s smooth tunes.

When City and Colour came on to play, the atmosphere just changed. Of course when the stage darkened, the crowd started their excited cheers and clapping, but the minute Dallas Green started playing the opening chords of Woman (from the most recent album, If I Should Go Before You), a hush kind of settled over the venue. To say that the first song set the stage (so to speak) for a mind blowing performance would be an understatement.

The thing I’ve always loved about City and Colour is the way the song lyrics resonate with me. And hearing Dallas sing them live was such a moving experience. When he sang ‘I’ve always been dark with light somewhere in the distance’ (a favourite lyric from one of my favourite songs) he could have been singing it just to me. And the lyric, ‘I sought after, after reasons to stay, I was lost’ struck a chord with me last night because it sums up a lot of what is going on in my life right now. To sit there and hear all my favourite songs played live was mind blowing, and gave a new meaning to a lot of them. Music is just different live, and not just for the obvious reasons. You can’t beat the atmosphere and the buzz that comes from seeing one of your favourite artists/bands perform live, and singing along with them.

I honestly cannot urge you enough to go and see them if you ever get the chance. Dallas Green is such a charismatic performer, it’s difficult to keep your eyes from him. And his band played effortlessly, seamlessly, awesomely. 10/10, absolutely amazing.

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