Giving Advice to Everyone But Me

I’ve been giving a lot of advice lately. A few people in my life have had dilemmas, and have come to me to talk it out and to make me a sounding board for the things going on in their lives and their heads. I don’t mind, I think it’s nice that these people can talk to me, and that I am able to help them in even the smallest measure. Just call me Amy the Sage. All I need now is a beard that I can stroke thoughtfully and I’ll be ready to set myself up in a counsel booth!


I can be notoriously vague and forgetful, and sometimes the silly things that come out of my mouth surprise even me with how daft they are. But there’s a clever little brain in my head, and when people need it, evidently I can spill out good counsel like a fountain. Without trying to blow my own horn here, I think I usually give pretty good advice. So long as that advice is given to someone else. See, as good as I am at helping other people with seeing the bigger picture, I can never seem to do that for myself. Even when I know exactly what the answer is, and even if I know I would give my own advice to someone else if they were dealing with a particular problem that I’m struggling with, I ignore that little voice in my head that tells me what I should do.

Isn’t it funny how we can never seem to separate ourselves from our problems until someone points out what we already know. I mean, maybe that’s just me, and everyone else in the world is better at problem solving than I am. Personally, I always go to my best friend for advice. I talk to him about things that are concerning me, or making me angry, or stressing me the hell out. And every single time, he tells me what I already know and was just ignoring. He usually gives me extra advice too, pointing out the things I hadn’t thought of, or helping me see things from another angle. And then it’s like, oh, because that advice has come from someone I trust, now I can take it. I don’t know, I’m maybe definitely pretty stubborn and maybe I don’t trust myself enough to believe I’m telling myself the right thing.

Regardless, I think it’s important to have someone – or multiple someones –  in your life that you can approach with problems and know that you will receive sound advice. Even if that advice is what you already knew deep down. And if I can play that role for any of my friends, then I think I’m doing ok.

2 thoughts on “Giving Advice to Everyone But Me

    1. Hi, Linda! The original image isn’t mine, and unfortunately I didn’t think to check where I’d gotten it from. However I’d see no issues with you using it if you’d like!

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