Working Hard for the Money…Then Giving It All Away.

I need to win the lottery. Or invent some incredible new thing that makes me billions of dollars. Or become a ridiculously famous author. Or a stripper. Whichever of these options that makes me the most money, I choose that one.

Here’s the thing. I’m not really driven by money. Even though I know it’s essential to live, I’m not chasing dreams of high powered corporate jobs, or having high aspirations in any given career. I just want to create, and travel and meet interesting people, do new things and collect experiences rather than material possessions. The problem is, unfortunately due to life and adulthood being a major inconvenience, I need money.

I just got paid and sat down to work out my outgoing expenses for the week. After my rent, my weekly car repayment, the usual small deposit in my savings (which is actually for bills etc) and on my credit card, and the money I’ve set aside to see the dentist tomorrow (*eeeep*) I have $150 left. One hundred and fifty dollars with which to buy food, essential items – don’t you find that all the important stuff runs out at once – put fuel in my car, buy a Mother’s Day gift or flowers or something for my mum and allow myself the daily chai latte that gets me through my mornings at work. It looks like I’ll be eating a lot of Mi Goreng this week.

I know that there are others far worse off than me, and that the fact that I have a regular income means I’ll never really be too deep in hot water. But I live alone and pay everything by myself and sometimes I would just like to go through a week without having to count every dollar that I spend. In one hand and out the other, isn’t that what they say? Well, I better find a solution soon, or that stripper idea might start to seem really appealing. And anyone who has seen me dance will know just how bad an idea that really is.

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