Sewing Update

Things have been pretty hectic in the life of Amy lately, so it’s been a fair while since I’ve had a proper chance to sit at my sewing machine and create. But a couple of days ago, I finally got some time and decided to start a new project. The last thing I finished was a pair of shorts for the four year old son of a friend of mine. It was the kind of simple project you sew through mindlessly, mechanically. I was ready for something new.

A couple of months ago I ordered some adorable fox patterned fabric from Spoonflower and have been looking for a project to use it for ever since. The other day, it kind of came to me. I had an image in my head of a dress with a Peter Pan collar, and so I immediately began drawing and cutting. I sew the same way I bake; I pretty much just make things up as I go. It’s rare for me to use a proper method, or pattern, so I just kind of winged it.


As I’ve been sewing, the idea for the dress has developed and changed. I’ve allowed for a waistband in a contrasting colour, and decided on a whim to stitch in some tulip sleeves as well as the collar. I’m still in the construction phase of the dress at the moment, only really getting time to see between work and errands, but it’s slowly coming together. Hopefully I’ll get it finished in time to wear to my brother’s army march out this Friday. We’ll see how I go for time.

In addition to my fox dress, I’ve been commissioned to make an Assassin’s Creed costume for my friend to wear to Oz Comic-Con at the start of June, and I have to somehow find the time to make a steampunk costume for my best friend’s (the other one) 30th birthday at the end of June. But depending on how I go for time, I may just cheat and go the EBay option. And the four year old that I’ve made shorts for was so enamoured with them, that he has made several requests that I will hope to fill…if I ever get time! Suffice to say, my poor neglected machines are about to get one hell of a workout!

Coming together...slowly!

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