Karnivool, 2016

If there is one irrefutable fact about Karnivool, it’s that they always put on one hell of a good show. The Australian rock band took to the stage at Melbourne’s Croxton Bandroom last night, playing to a packed house.


My friend send me a message Wednesday night. She had two spare tickets to see the show, and needed to get rid of them. My live gigs lined up for this year are pretty limited, and I always enjoy getting to rock out to Karnivool, so I decided to go. I wasn’t disappointed.

The main act was preceded by Fait, an instrumental four piece band led by Elise Higgins. I had never heard of them before, but listening to them play, I’m glad I got to experience it. Without vocals to take the main focus, it was easy to fully immerse myself in the music. It’s the kind of music you can have playing in the background, and as my friend put it last night ‘I want this to be the soundtrack to my life’. In between their incredible set and the equally mind blowing main act, I was pleased to discover that whoever was in control of the intermission tunes was a fan of Cog. I, along with an energetic crowd, rocked out happily until the light went down and the headliners took the stage.

As ever, Karnivool was ace. Last night was the third (or fourth?) time I’ve seen them, and they strayed a little away from the Themata based set I’ve seen them play before. They played some new songs, and some classic favourites that really got the crowd jumping. My friend and I were reasonably close to the stage, and seeing Ian Kenny live is always an experience to remember. There is no way, watching him perform, that you could doubt his love of music, or of playing to a crowd. As I’ve come to expect of Karnivool fans, during Roquefort and Themata, the crowd became hugely energetic and went from casually rocking out to flooding the front floor and jumping about so enthusiastically I’m surprised no one got hurt. They played New Day for their encore and I don’t think there was a single person not singing.

I always forget how much I love the band until I see them live. And I can honestly say that Karnivool shows are up there with the best gigs I’ve seen. If you get a chance, go see them live. It’s an awesome experience.

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