Happy Thursday


I know I’ve said this before, but I’m really not very good at doing nothing. Take today, for example. I have split days off this week, today being one of them. And instead of hanging out on the couch with food and a flick, I’ve already made plans to make a pie, alter a dress, hunt down an electric guitar, visit my friend, vacuum the house, do a load of washing and possibly go out to visit my best pal at work and see if I can pick up some fabric to add to my hoarded collection.

The thing is, being productive is my favourite way to spend a day off. I like filling my day with endless things to do, so long as it’s on my own terms. I don’t deal well with pressure, from myself or other people. So I like to just potter about, doing this and that and maybe finding time during the day to eat. See, when I don’t have anything to do, I get restless, and irritable. I like being able to occupy myself with errands or creative pursuits, otherwise I get pouty.

Of course, having a day off and doing things for me is infinitely more enjoyable than having to go to work and do things out of obligation. Especially because lately, my job feels a little like walking through tar. For the last week or so, it’s been dragging and every day seems to go for a week. Though that’s probably not helped by the fact that I only had one day off last week, and had to stay late at least three nights out of six. But it pays the bills, after all. Gotta be an adult sometimes, I guess!

So now, instead of sleeping in like most people do on their days off, I’m going get up, get food and get into the day. And today, whether you’re at work or having a day off like me, I hope you have a good one. Happy Thursday, y’all.

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