Genuine Incredulity

There were police out the front of the neighbouring block of units yesterday afternoon. I was walking home from work when I first noticed the police car, and as I passed the driveway for the block of units next to mine, I saw the police tape cordoning it off. Curious, I did a quick internet search and discovered why.

A man in his seventies was murdered not twenty feet from where I live.

He was reportedly stabbed to death by his ex wife. She admitted it to police officers outright. When I read it, I was actually pretty dumbfounded. I was expecting a drug bust or something, but I certainly did not expect to read that an elderly woman stabbed and killed an elderly man. You hear about people getting killed or attacked or hurt in some way, but you never expect it to be in your neighbourhood, much less right next door. It’s so surreal.

This comes only a week after my best friend’s neighbour had someone break into her house and sexually assault her in the middle of the night. So far, the man hasn’t been caught, and my best friend has been extra vigilant.

I just can’t help but wonder what is wrong with the world. What is wrong with people? There is genuine incredulity on this face right now.

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