Fabric Stores and Projects Galore!

I had a day off today, and I decided that there was no better way to spend it than by sewing. Now, because I am terrible at sticking to plans, and also I suffer from a severe lack of motivation, that hasn’t necessarily been the case. I had some last Christmas gifts to buy and, after discovering that there is a Spotlight store not fifteen minutes from where I live, decided that I could spend at least part of my day doing things other than sewing. As it turns out, that’s what I did for most of the day, and now it’s after four pm and I’ve still yet to sit down at the machine. However, since I have a project halfway completed set out in pieces on my sewing table, and a skirt to finish before I go home for Christmas in a couple of weeks, sewing will most definitely be taking place today.

For now though, let’s talk about the pre-sewing ritual of fabric shopping. Fabric stores really are my happy place. I can lose myself for hours in the aisles, running my fingers over the material, ideas forming in my head of things I could make, getting perhaps just a little too giddy at the sheer joy of it. For someone who wears predominantly black clothing, I never actually seem to purchase black material. See, it’s the patterns and colours that jump out at me, even when I have absolutely no idea what I will use the fabric for. I love finding fabric that is unique, and I love to notion of creating something out of said fabric that will be completely my own.

See this? This is what we call Elysium.

I have been known to shop for fabric online. Like with most things pertaining to the internet, the range you can get is much bigger than what you are likely to find at the local fabric stores. But there is just something about spending time in an actual store that I find calming. It’s a pretty good way to unwind, and let my creative brain run rampant with ideas. So that is what I did today. I was actually looking for a specific fabric, a stone coloured linen patterned with rain clouds in varying shades of blue. I had seen it a few days earlier and instantly an image popped into my head of a dress. So I went, I scavenged, I emerged victorious. And scored myself a couple of other positively adorable fabrics along the way, for a remarkably good price I might add! Oh, if I had have had the time and the money, there would have been much more purchasing going on. There was one particular fabric I deliberated over for a solid ten minutes, patterned with hot air balloons (there’s something so romantic about an old school hot air balloon I find), and Spotlight currently had a beautiful range of geometric print fabric in metallic colours that I could just imagine as cushion covers and table runners. But i exercised some self control, and managed to make it out with 10 metres of different fabrics, more than enough to keep me occupied for a while…in theory anyway.

Blue is the colour of the day, and look at how pretty!

But I am determined to finish my current projects first. The most pressing is a skirt commission for a friend of mine. We have been discussing it for literally months, and now that I have finally found the right colour of silk lining to go underneath, I can get it completed for her, and then maybe start on the clothing items she has requested for her kids. The other is what I am referring to as the Suave-ellous Ensemble (because it will be marvellously suave). I am a sucker for a woman in a suit, and so I am creating a vest and trousers set in a lovely grey suiting. The pants are completed, and I’ve made a muslin for the vest, the pieces of which are set out on the table, just ready to be cut. The vest will be lined with a burgundy silk, and I’ll be making a proper bow tie to complete the look. Later down the track, I might make a blouse or button up shirt to go underneath but for now, it’s not particularly high on my list of priorities.

Last week I managed to score myself a third day off every fortnight, so hopefully that extra day will mean I will get more of a chance to do some proper sewing. In the meantime, my machine awaits!


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