A Not So Grinchy Christmas 

It’s Christmas. Good old December 25th, here again. Now, you all know that I’m not Christmas’ biggest fan. But this year, something is different. My usual month-long state of misery didn’t rear it’s head in preparation for today. In fact, to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas to me at all.

I don’t decorate my house, and I haven’t had a tree in years. I buy presents for very few people, and rarely bother with cards. But this time of year has an insidious way of making itself known, whether you like it or not. There’s the decorations from mid November, and the lights decorating houses and the wretched carols. However, decorations aside, I didn’t even notice the rest. It comes from working in the city, you see. The hordes of people don’t seem so noticeable, because the city is always crowded and pushy and loud. Between my own music, and the cacophony of a shopping centre, the carols get drowned out. And I don’t go anywhere enough to notice any lights or festivity outside the city’s decorations. Thus, Christmas doesn’t really feel much different from a normal Sunday. Except that I’m not at work, and don’t have to be until Wednesday. Happy days.

The best part about Christmas for me is my dad’s annual (and famous) Christmas Eve soiree. Especially this year, since I’ve had a long working week and drove two hours straight from work to get there. I was ready to get my drunk on and spend time with (most of) my favourite people. I’m having kind of a shit time inside my head lately, so this event was the thing getting me through. And, as ever, I had a rad night with rad dudes. Today will be a more reserved affair, and I’ll be spending most of it on the couch in the dark, hiding from the sun and taking time to nap and relax before seeing the family from both sides. It’s been a long time since Christmas Day involved anything more strenuous than that.

So, as seems to be the theme of my life in recent months, this year brings a change. The ever angry and somewhat incredibly Grinchy Scrooge Lady doesn’t super hate Christmas this year. Who’d have thought?

On that note; enjoy your day, for those of you that celebrate it, and I hope Santa brings you all the things you desire. Merry Grinchmas…er, Christmas.

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