Sewing Update

A couple of days ago, I finished my first make of the year. Admittedly, I started it in late December but, as always happens with me, things got in the way and I had to put it on the back burner. However, finish it I did, and I think it may be my favourite dress of any I’ve made. You may remember from a previous post that I purchased a lovely cloud patterned linen fabric for the project, and I have to say it turned out just as well as I had imagined.

Now, I know I said I was going to do something different this year. Not so many dresses, and more different projects instead. But seeing as how this one was already started, I figured I could use it for January’s make. And although yes, I did make yet another dress, this is the first I’ve made with a sewn in waistband and Peter Pan collar (which happens to be one of my favourite styles of dress). Whilst I do adore how it turned out, there are couple of things to note with this dress. First of all, as I have (semi) recently discovered how to insert pockets into clothing, pretty much everything I have made since, has had them. In this case, I didn’t measure exactly right and so the pockets sit a tiny bit lower in the skirt than I would like, but they’re otherwise functional. Second, I completely drafted this pattern from scratch. It fits well, however next time I will need to alter the neckline slightly so it has more of a scoop. And thirdly, I think I need to do some research on how to make gathered waistlines a little less bulky. Again, this isn’t overly noticeable on the dress, but I can feel the bulk when I wear it, and I would like to improve on that next time.

Of course, I’ve never been one to sit too long, and I’m already planning for February’s make; a playsuit. I absolutely love them but often I find that the ones I see in stores are designed for women with frames more petite than mine, or come in the most hideous patterns and colours. I own two playsuits, and I think I will use the top of one of them as a basis for a pattern. However, I’ve been seeing some great inspiration on women walking past me in the street so it looks like I’ll have a lot to play around with. I’m toying with the idea of cutouts and spaghetti straps, but we’ll see how things go. I think the main thing about this upcoming project is finding the right fabric. I’ll be aiming for something a little floatier than the cotton fabrics I am fond of, so it looks like a fabric hunt is in the cards for me in the coming weeks. Yay!

Image result for playsuits
Forever drawing inspiration from Pinterest.

I’m still slowly making my way through the challenge of making my own shoes. I’ve already stuffed up once, but this second attempt should be better…I hope. Updates will come later, if I have any success! Other than that, I haven’t had any big commissions or projects since I made an Assassin’s Creed inspired costume for my friend to wear to Oz Comic-Con last year, but all of a sudden, I’ve had three requests over the last two days! A friend of mine asked me to make her wedding dress for her winter wedding later this year (eeep!), another friend has commissioned a dress to wear to a wedding in April, and last night I got a message from a third friend, asking if I made costumes, and if I would be available to make her something to wear to her girlfriend’s 21st, also in April. When it rains, it pours I guess!

It’s all very well and good to have sewing plans for the year but my business goal for this year is to start managing it a little better. I’ve had too many people commission me for projects, only to pull out or conveniently ‘forget’ after I’ve already bought the fabric. And I have a terrible tendency to forget who has paid me, and who hasn’t, in addition to under charging for my services. So this year, I am going to make an effort to value my time and my skill better. Which is going to mean deposits, a proper order book, and receipts for everything. Damn it, looks like adulthood is starting to catch up with me.

Anyway, that is what I have in store. I am determined to make this year a successful and creative one.

5 thoughts on “Sewing Update

    1. Yeah, mostly I reverse engineer patterns from other clothes I have but this was my first attempt at making a pattern completely from scratch! Still needs to be tweaked a little but otherwise I’m pretty happy with it!

      1. I used to do a fair bit of reverse engineering myself, but since I am partial to whatever fashion statement an excessive amount of shapeless knitwear makes, the skill required was minimal!

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