Alexisonfire 2017

I’m a bit late on this, but Tuesday before last, I kicked off this year of music with post-hardcore legends – and one of my favourite bands – Alexisonfire. I was first introduced to Alexisonfire by a friend of mine, who had previously given me music from Dallas Green’s side project, City and Colour. It was one of the first tastes of music I got that was a little heavier, and I fell instantly in love. You could say Alexis was the gateway band to heavier music that I developed a taste for afterwards.

The last time I got to see Alexisonfire was in 2012, for their farewell tour. I was new to the gig scene then, having never really gone to many gigs before, and none on my own. So I asked around, and out of sheer desperation ended up going with a guy who I was kind of friends with at the time. To be honest, he was a right wanker, and I only ended up getting to see Alexis perform two songs before I had to catch the train home. It was a disappointment for me, and I thought I would never get another opportunity to see them perform live.

So you can imagine my excitement when they announced a comeback tour mid last year. I bought my tickets straight away, thrilled by the prospect of getting to see them. After months of waiting, the night finally arrived. I got myself a little lost on the way to Festival Hall and ended up missing the supports, which I wasn’t overly fussed about really. I had previously seen The Getaway Plan, and I didn’t know who the others were. So when I arrived, Alexis were already playing. I could hear the crowd chanting We Are The Sound as I walked around the building, and when I walked in the song was in full swing. The atmosphere had me instantly smiling, and as soon as I made my way into the energetic crowd, I could feel my pulse quicken with excitement.

I managed to secure myself a spot on the floor, just to the right of the stage and just outside the masses of moshing people right at the stage front. I got a clear view of the stage and the band, and I didn’t have anyone tall stand in front of me for almost the whole show. It was glorious. They played some of my favourites, including Rough Hands, Dog’s Blood and Crisis, and then The Northern for their encore (along with a couple of others). I was hoping I’d get to hear Emerald Street – which has been my phone ringtone for about five years – or Midnight Regulations, which are my personal favourites from any of their albums. But despite not getting to hear either, the show was so fucking good that I can’t even complain. It was legitimately one of the best shows I’ve ever attended. Hearing George Pettit’s unclean vocals live properly for the first time is something I’ll never forget. And the crowd really helped make the gig for me, shouting out the lyrics in time with George and Dallas, and enjoying the show without being jerks, which is uncommon at live gigs, I often find.

Honestly, I am so glad I finally got the opportunity to see them properly. And if any of you are fans of post-hardcore bands that describe their music as “the sound of two Catholic high-school girls in mid-knife-fight”, then do yourself a favour and check them out. I have provided this helpful video below, for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

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