Warm Winter 

Everyone seems to hate winter. I’ve got a couple of like minded friends, who agree with me that cold weather is good weather, but for the most part, we are considered the strange ones.

It’s autumn here. The weather is cooling down at night, but it’s still been warm enough for tees and shorts during the day. That’s the perfect combination. This summer was actually ok, very few super unbearably hot days. I mean, from what I hear anyway. (I’ve spent most of the last 7.5 months working in a basement, and rarely see daylight weather.) But now that the cooler weather is coming in, I’ve noticed a kind of…mass irritability. Posts about the “shitty weather” have been creeping into my various news feeds, or “yay for spring” posts from people on the other side of the world. Come on guys, cold weather isn’t that bad!

For me, cold weather – aside from being generally more comfortable than sweating my face off – is all about good things. Roast dinners, falling asleep in front of the heater (or wood fire for those lucky enough to have one), layers of clothing, big fluffy socks, and curling up on the couch with a blanket, a cup of tea, and a good book. And a sleep in is never more appreciated than when you look out into a world of overcast skies and grey sleet, and know that you can stay rugged up in bed. When you think about it, winter is full of warm things.

I’m a cold weather girl, for sure. And even if no one else does, I appreciate winter for its good points.

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