Take me to Oregon 

I’ve been contemplating the possibility of going overseas to work for six months. Ireland is top of the list because let’s face it, it’s Ireland. It’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to travel there and listen to all the wonderful accents, and see all the beautiful places, and probably never leave. But right next to Ireland on the top of my list of places to see is Portland. No, not the one in Victoria. The one in Oregon.

I’ve been torturing myself lately, looking at pictures and researching things to do in Oregon and feeling an ache of longing for a place I’ve only seen in my dreams. My friend and I are hopefully travelling to the U.S next year and I’d really like to see Portland if the opportunity arises. And that’s kind of what got me thinking about this potential ‘live and work in another country’ thing. 

I actually looked into it about two years ago, with full intentions of going overseas. But life kind of got in the way a little bit, and so here I am, never having set foot off Australian soil, and still desperately wanting to travel the world. But I’m struggling with things a little bit at the moment, and the idea of running away certainly has its appeal. Except the last time I did that I ended up more angry and unhappy than I have ever been in my entire life. So if I am going to ever do it, I need to do all of my research first. And make sure that I’m fully prepared.

Maybe not this year. Maybe not even next. But at some point, I am gonna see the world. And if any of you have ever worked overseas, and have some tips or info for me, I’m fully open for conversation on the subject! And hey, if you’re a local Portland…ian, I’m also open to suggestions of cool things to do and see! *insert supposedly cheeky wink that is actually more likely to be super awkward and embarrassing for everyone involved*

2 thoughts on “Take me to Oregon 

  1. May I suggest talking to Kate(Hayes), I’m not sure if she has worked overseas but she has travelled a lot and might have some advice for you.

  2. I live in the US and have visited Portland, OR many times. Even though it is 3000 miles away, my son lives there. It is a fascinating, exciting and quirky city. I can’t recommend it more strongly. Come for a visit! Great food and beer!

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