Bra Shopping Adventures

Inspired by a post I read the other day (from a woman who has quickly become one of my favourite bloggers), I went bra shopping over the weekend. Ever since I put on a little weight, the lingerie I had no longer fits quite so well as it used to. I’ve always been a busty gal, but now I’m constantly running the risk of the “dreaded” nip slip. My morning ritual involves putting on a bra, taking two steps and having to push my boobs back in place. Two steps is all it takes. So, with that in mind, and the fact that it’s been ages since I last purchased a new bra, I went in to get fitted.

With the now chubby Amy occupying formerly petite Amy’s (increasingly tight) clothes, I had to go up a band size. I’ve gone from an 8E/10DD to a 10E/12DD (depending on the bra). That’s a lot of boob. I spent approximately twenty minutes in the fitting room, taking bras off and putting them on, and getting the lovely sales girl to adjust the straps and check out my shirtless chest for double boob or ill fitted cups. In the end, I walked out of the shop with a $300 layby.

Sound like a lot of money? That’s because it is. And it’s sadly necessary. Because when you have my cup size, you can’t just walk into any old department store or popular chain to acquire a bra. They don’t cater for the girls with small frames and large chests. Those of us out there who aren’t blessed with just a nice, small handful of boob can’t get away with spending anything less than $50 per bra. At least, that’s always been my experience. 

Eventually I want to start making my own lingerie. Because that would be the coolest thing ever, amirite? But in the meantime, I have to spend all the monies on lingerie that fits. And maybe start going a little harder at the gym. Or, my favourite alternative, win the lottery so that spending my money on pretty things doesn’t hurt my bank account so much!

I love boobs. Like, I’m pretty much the biggest boob man on the planet…and I do mean that in every sense of the word (seriously, they’re huge). And I love lingerie. And I guess…that was pretty much the point of this post, since I’ve been trying to write it for three days now and have officially forgotten the initial point I was trying to make. So…yeah, sorry for wasting your time, guys. 

3 thoughts on “Bra Shopping Adventures

  1. What brands did you go for? I could have written this post, I swear…. I hope you start making your own soon and then sell it on etsy and then take over the world!

    That’s the obvious progression here.

    1. I’m not too sure off the top of my head actually but there were about four of them! I like the taking over the world part! (p.s you were the person I mentioned in the first paragraph!)

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