Hello, Spring

Yesterday was the first day of spring, and the first time I’ve taken a day off work due to illness in…well, years actually. I don’t get sick very often, but this time, whoa mama. I’ve been so unwell that I actually spent all day in bed yesterday – another thing I don’t ever do. I do not like being sick. Especially when it throws me around like this has. But, I am hoping I will improve by Monday. It’s very difficult to take calls when you have to stop every ten seconds to cough so hard that you give yourself a headache. Hence the day off yesterday.

Anyway, today is the second day of spring. Which makes sense, given how the second day usually comes after the first. I’ve missed spring, if I’m being honest. I mean, I love winter. But lately it seems to have gone too long. I wanna wear a dress without tights, a tee without a jumper. I wanna make cute clothes that I don’t have to layer. And also, the non fashion related reasons of course. Day trips to cute little towns to explore without the risk of getting rained out. Picnics with my friends under blooming cherry blossom trees. Getting a little vitamin D into my pale (oh so pale) body. And being motivated to get out and walk, and lose a little of this chubby I’ve been carrying around all winter.

My birthday is in spring. I will be 25 this year. A quarter century…shit, I’m getting old, y’all. But it’s such a nice, solid number. And to be honest, I won’t really be all that sad to say goodbye to 24. It’s not been a super spectacular year and so, since my birthday is in November, I get to wave goodbye to 24 and then to 2017 shortly after. Not that I necessarily think turning a year older will make any exceptional difference, but ageing is kinda like the natural and unavoidable version of white sage cleansing; new year, rid yourself of old demons and begin again anew. Yeah, I get a little New Agey from time to time, so sue me.
Little side note before I wrap things up here. I applied for a house this week. A cute, small little two bedroom unit close to town. If I get it, it means my savings will be gone, and I will have very little money to spare until I look for a better paying job after my contract runs out. But wish me luck anyway, because it’s been a long time since I lived on my own, and I miss it.

Anyway, that’s it from me today. This sick girl has to pee, and eat, and then get back into bed and start watching the latest series of Game of Thrones. Is it Spring for you too? Regardless of the season, have a good weekend (if it’s applicable) and remember to stay well! 

4 thoughts on “Hello, Spring

  1. Sigh, I love spring… & fall. Fall has officially started here in Iowa. It’s like as soon as it turned September, it got chilly! Congrats on turning 25, soon. I miss being 25, it’s the perfect age. I’ll be 29 this month. Ugh!

    1. Over here winter is still clinging on, the days haven’t really warmed much but give it time. I hate summer myself, far too hot for me. But spring is a nice pleasant season for the most part!

  2. I read this after waking up and my first thought was “shit how long have I slept” bloody world thing. It’s going into autumn for me. Sorry to hear you’re so unwell! I hope you start to get better soon. Good luck with the house!! 💜

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