Only Thursday 

I woke up this morning, late and disgruntled. Why? Because today is only Thursday. It has been a very long few weeks at work, as I have been working two straight weeks of late shifts. And when there can be up to three minutes between calls at that late stage in the day, believe me, those 8.5 hours can feel like 28.5. 

It is at this point in the fortnight that I knew my tolerance for anything would be stretched to the limit. I am unmotivated, irritable, and that back pain from a few weeks ago has decided to come back with a vengeance so, on top of everything else, I’m uncomfortable. This is not a good combination for a happy and productive Amy.

Add to this the strange, disjointed dreams. The quickly decreasing funds in my bank account, and long stretch of days before I get paid again. The similar situition with my phone data, where every time I check the ‘net, I am brought closer to going over my limit and being charged an extra GB for $10 (which, frankly, is something of a rip off if you ask me). And, of course, the real cherry atop this grumpy fortnight cake; my weekend is still two days away!

Now, I’ve been trying not to eat a lot of crap food lately, in an attempt to encourage a healthier and more active change in habits. But guys, with still two days left in this week, it’s time to bring out the big guns to get me through. It’s time…for tea and chocolate!

Anyway, I hope your day/week/fortnight is going better than mine, in any case. And, because I’m feeling a little emotional and sappy right now, thank you for reading. You guys are the bomb diggity.

5 thoughts on “Only Thursday 

  1. Ah really sucks you’re having a rough two weeks. I hope your weekend is one for you to just enjoy doing whatever you do! And eat all the bloody chocolate and drink all the soddin’ tea you want! If a happy Amy it does make I’ll be the devil on your shoulder saying dooooo iiittt. 😛 xx

  2. Tea and Chocolate are the reinforcements you need for sure. I get strange dreams when I’m stressed out, and you sound like you’re feeling a little burnt by everything so if you can you should take a day off. A mental health day! A day where you do nothing but things that make you happy. If that’s eating a 99 ice cream with strawberry syrup and wrapping yourself in a duvet while you do some colouring, then do that! Give yourself a rest!

    And if you can’t do that then get ready to make the most of your weekend, because it might be only Thursday but your weekend starts tomorrow evening! YOU CAN DO IT with the help of tea and chocolate. For sure!

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