Sunday Musings

I am lost in disharmony, discord, and discontent. The world seems to large, so exhausting, and I tire of existing within it this way. I long for slowness, where nothing demands of me either my attention or my time. I wish to shed the weight of expectation and responsibility, and simply…be.

Life is so fast. It travels by before you have time to take stock of it, and it can fall heavily upon your shoulders and take from you any true sense of calm. I think I’m feeling this way today, because I have had very little in the way of a proper weekend, and tomorrow I return to work and I am exhausted at the mere inevitability of the morning.

One thought on “Sunday Musings

  1. Sorry you’re feeling this way. 🌹 I hope you find a little bit of time for yourself to try get a bit of balance back before the working week starts again. Hot chocolate and horror is a favourite if mine. 💖

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