Being Happy and Single Are Not Mutually Exclusive 

When I tell people that I’ll be single forever, most of them scoff or laugh. Others just put on their best pity face and say things like “oh don’t be like that, you’ll find someone one day.” as if being single were the worst thing in the world. Weird how that’s the general consensus, huh? I’m sure we all know that person that seems content on their own (*raises hand), and yet that person is judged, even if it’s only silently, by the people in relationships, and the ones who can’t comprehend being happy without someone else. Don’t get me wrong, if that’s where you’re at and it works for you, I think that’s fantastic. You do you, buddies! It’s just not necessarily for me.

What is it that scares people so much about being alone? Is it something inherent within them that tells them they need to be with another person? I’m sure there are studies on this, where medical professionals and scientists have delved into the human psyche and biology and worked out the reason we crave companionship. But I can’t help thinking that this is, at least in part, to do with society and expectation. If you can’t get a partner, there must be something wrong with you. Because it can’t possibly be an active decision, right? I mean, to think that you have control over your own romantic situation is just absurd.

I’ve always been happy on my own. No, really. I balk at the idea of being in a long term relationship with a single person for the rest of my life, and yet similarly don’t engage in casual sex because one night stands don’t appeal to me either. I’m pretty much the worst at commitment, get sick of other people very quickly, and I’ve never been happier than when I was living on my own. 

Bar maybe one complicated exception, my ultimate plan is to move somewhere, get a dog for companionship, and spend my life travelling, creating, and learning entirely on my own. I don’t mean I’m not going to have friends, or see my family or anything like that. I simply don’t envision myself spending much, or any time at all, being with another person in the romantic sense. And guys? Seriously, I’m happy with that.

4 thoughts on “Being Happy and Single Are Not Mutually Exclusive 

  1. I have a friend who broke up with a long term partner and another friend (recently engaged) messaged her to say “Don’t worry, it will happen for you too!” which has to be the most unintentionally patronising comment…!

    I really enjoyed being single, and wish more people were able to enjoy it. People definitely judge you for it, and I think it’s a mixture of envy and fear and confusion and projection on the part of others. Just ignore them! YOU know what you need.

    Also dogs are all the love wrapped in a furry body. What more do you need?

    1. That’s what I mean, I don’t think they necessarily mean it in a negative way, but it comes across really condescending? Seriously though, how good are dogs? 😍

  2. Humans have a biological urge to find a human partner spurred by the urge to copulate to produce offspring which was a necessary part of survival back when we were cave men. People see someone who is single and assume that they require a mate and act accordingly, however reproducing has become less of a necessity in 2017 due to overpopulation and therefore that biological urge is less prevalent.
    Just do what makes you happy and ignore the masses. Love you, whether your romantic preferences match mine or not.

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