​*spoiler; if you love Christmas, and a Grinch is likely to ruin your festive mood, read no further. I don’t want to be responsible for bringing any gloom to your day.*

Christmas is over, and I’m not sad to see it go. With each passing year, it gets less and less appealing. Far more of an obligation than an excitement, and a day I would much rather spend hiding from the people and the sun (I’m Australian, there’s no such thing as a white Christmas for us), than going off and visiting twenty groups of people in a day.

Christmas lost any meaning for me years ago. It’s almost lonely actually. This year, I literally spent almost the entire day sitting on my bed and reading Harry Potter. So, whilst everyone else was celebrating Christmas, I was simply having a Monday off. I’m hoping that by the time I get back to work tomorrow, they will have ceased the awful carols over the speakers, and that chocolate will be half price at the supermarket. The best part of Christmas is when it’s over.

This time of year does have a tendency to make me get reflective, however. Not nostalgic (it’s not really my thing), but seeing everyone else with their big Christmas gatherings and exchanging of gifts and seasons greetings will always inevitably make me think of a younger Amy, and the wonder that she used to have as a child.

To be honest, these days I can’t recall what age, or at what point, I started to hate Christmas. I certainly remember being a child and being too excited to sleep because Santa was coming. But somewhere in my (early) teenage years, it turned into something else. I’m still a kid in a lot of ways, but I think in certain aspects, I grew up incredibly quickly, and whatever magic there used to be in Christmas dissipated years ago. 

I know, it’s not the Christmas tale you expect (or want) to hear. But if you look, you will see that there are more people that dislike Christmas than you might think. Perhaps there are those not as vocal about their hatred as me, but for some of us, there is nothing joyous about December 25th. And that’s ok, and we’re ok, and if you love Christmas then I’m glad for you, and I do hope it’s full of the love and joy and laughter that most people enjoy. 

3 thoughts on “Grinchmas

  1. It’s an exhausting time of year and I absolutely see what you mean about it feeling like an obligation. It can be so stressful when you’re worrying about money but have a big family or even if you just don’t feel up to a big gathering but gah! I think children get the most enjoyment out of it and I’m good with that! I like a good sing song or too and hey, that half price chocolate you’re talking about never goes amiss! 🌲☃

    1. That’s a nice encouraging message Arbie. I decided to put a large bag of washing away and asked my family if it was okay to do that, because it was bugging me. They were relieved that I was doing something so mundane slap bang in the middle of Christmas Day and it gave them the chance to do stuff they had secretly wanted to do but had felt guilty about, thinking it was being boring and unsociable. I do feel sorry for those who are hating this day though, especially if they are doing things out of obligation. It can be so hard for them and I’m loving this post as it is so real and honest.

  2. Hi Amy,
    I’m sorry you feel this way about Christmas. You’re right when you say you’re not the only one.

    It’s because people have been deceived into thinking Christmas is about indulging ourselves and having people around us who make us feel happy and secure.

    In reality, Christmas highlights: the fact that family can be annoying, bereavement memories, loneliness, how much people haven’t met our expectations, how bored we are and most of all, how unfulfilled we are without Jesus in our lives.

    Yes, it can be a hateful day if one fails to recognise it’s about celebrating that God sent us the most precious gift, so that through the boredom, hurt, sickness, disagreements, disillusions, disappointments, loneliness and depressions of life, we have a saviour who is very real and very relevant to today and wants to make our lives have a purpose – for without him, life truly sucks – especially at Christmas.

    Thanks for sharing your heart and being so bold and honest about your feelings. You are one of millions, because so many have forgotten or never known what Christmas is supposed to be about.

    I wish you all the best xxx

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