There’s a few things I want to do. Firstly, I want to update my blog. I feel it’s looking a little stagnant; so now is as good a time as any to give it an overhaul. Of course, that requires an actual computer and proper internet, not just data on my phone. So, I need to somehow organise that, despite having no funds to actually connect the ‘net at home…but I digress!

Secondly – and I’ve been contemplating this for a while now – I want to cut my hair. I realised today that I have been actively growing my hair for almost six years. I love it long, but it just kind of…hangs there. I mean, not that I expect it to tap dance atop my head or anything but I, like my blog, feel a bit same same. I’ve been doing a lot of reflection about my appearance in recent weeks, actually. 

I wear a lot of black, almost exclusively if I’m being honest. I feel very strange and conspicuous in colour, and tend to avoid wearing it. But I get dressed every morning, and look in the mirror, and almost immediately look away again because I am just so tired of all this….same.

I need some change, y’all. I’m not in a bad place right now, but nevertheless, I feel like I need something to invigorate and energise me. A big fat injection of something new, y’know? It doesn’t even necessarily need to be anything drastic, just different. Maybe it’s as simple as a new shirt, or the aforementioned haircut. Maybe it’s about cleaning my car and rearranging my bedroom, and tossing out the old clothes that have faded, or no longer fit. Just something, anything to break up the monotony a little, and get me out of this rut.

The one thing that is different than normal, is the play. We perform next week, and I have one final costume to finish by Sunday. Our production has been written about and will be in today’s paper, complete with interviews from the other lead actor and myself, as well as a whole bunch of photos where we look just a little bit ridiculous, but in a good way. I’m not nervous, but give it a week and I’ll be shaking in my burgundy heels. Not least because my costume is pink! I mean, I know I said I need to wear less black, but pink is not what I had in mind!

Anyway, the sun is shining out there in the real world, so I guess I better get out and enjoy the day. Have a good weekend, guys!

2 thoughts on “Overhaul 

  1. I really hope we get to see a photo of this pink costume! I definitely think there’s a case to be made for a couple of new wardrobe additions for the new year. How are you meant to feel this new leaf everyone talks about if everything is the same?

    1. There will definitely be photos of the costume…and the wig, which I have just discovered looks awful! Exactly, new leaf is my favourite phrase!

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