Night Time Wanderings 

I haven’t gone for a walk in a long time. It’s been months since I first bought a gym membership, and I still hate going. I’m beginning to think this fitness thing isn’t for me. But tonight, after stuffing my face full of dinner (and leftover cheesecake for dessert) Igot a flash of motivation. I laced up my runners, put my headphones in, and took off. Nothing intensive and full on, but I’m keeping a nice pace nevertheless. 

I think thats the thing. Fitness on someone else’s terms doesn’t work for me. I prefer to go on my own; music in my ears and the night air on my skin. Instead of getting up early to go through rigorous training regimes that seem to have little effect for me so far, I find its better to go for a walk after the day has ended, a wind down instead of a wake up.

It gives me time to think, without the upcoming day clogging my brain with thoughts. And lately, with a long string of mini existential crises sapping all my energy, a little quiet reflection time is a relief. The exercise is simply an added bonus.

It’s the middle of summer. It’s 10pm and still 30 degrees. There’s not even a breath of wind, and there’s a sheen of sweat coating my brow, and pooling in the hollow of my throat. There’s few cars around, no people. My breath comes steadily, and I am very aware of the blood pumping in my veins. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed this.

2 thoughts on “Night Time Wanderings 

  1. I’m glad you’ve found the way to enjoy it for yourself! The only way I get into exercise is if I’m doing something that’s more fun than it is misery. Which is almost never!

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