First Week

This week was a little hard, y’all.

So far I’m really enjoying my new job. It’s really full on, but I think I’m doing ok. The guys I’m training with are all rad dudes, and we get along really well. Plus, I got paid today which is always nice. The drive in the morning has been ok, despite the getting up crazy early bit. It’s the driving home part that really gets to me.

I have had two very near misses in my car this week. One was earlier today and both have, regrettably, been my fault. Both ‘almost-accidents’ are the direct result of my overtired, over exerted brain. I think I’ll be spending a fair portion of this long weekend catching up on my sleep. I’ve been a little stressed, in between studying, and trying to organise house inspections, in addition to the whole work thing. Plus, it’s shark week, and that’s never pleasant for anyone.

I think I need a bit if relax and recuperation time this weekend, and then back to work on Tuesday. On the positive though, I’m fairly certain that I’ll be signing the papers for a new rental next week, so it should see an end to the early mornings and the long drives by the end of April. Yay!

4 thoughts on “First Week

  1. Wahey on starting the new job! But aaaaah, I hope you do get a lot of rest this weekend because tired brain can be such a bastard when it comes to driving. Take care of yourself, okay? I hope you find a place you like soon for those shorter commutes! xx

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