Introducing Amy.

Good morning, folks. I would like to introduce myself. For many of you, you may have been around long enough to have read my last ‘about me’ post, but I feel that it’s worthwhile to periodically reintroduced myself, so that people who may have forgotten, and any new followers, can get to know a little about the person behind the keyboard.

My name is Amy. I am 25 years old, and I live in sunny Australia – though you wouldn’t know it if you saw my pale complexion! I am not especially remarkable. The kind of person you wouldn’t pick out in a crowd, to be honest. Slightly below average height, a little chubby, brunette, bespectacled and with a killer resting bitch face, or so I’ve been told. I am the second oldest of four (older sister and two younger brothers), I’m addicted to peanut butter chocolate, I’m single, and I can’t wait to get a puppy. I think marriage is weird, and I never want kids. If my domain name didn’t give me away, I’m not a big fan of people in general. Bill Hicks said it best when he said we’re a virus with shoes. The man was a flippin’ genius.

I have an eclectic taste in music, but often leaning more towards the alternative and Metal side of things. I love horror films, and will happily sit and watch ten episodes of Law and Order: SVU in a row, but my favourite movie is Ten Inch Hero (it’s not what it sounds like, I promise!). When it comes to books, oh anything and everything; but my favourite authors are Chuck Palahniuk, Gillian Flynn, Patrick Ness and Neil Gaiman, with a special spot reserved for Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant series.

I am a self taught sewist (not technically a word but I roll with it), I own four instruments that I still can’t play, I used to fancy myself a writer but these days I think I’ll stick to blogger, because to be honest, I haven’t written anything else decent in…well, longer than I can recall. I am a terrible cook, but not a bad baker. I love a good green tea, but I can’t stand the taste of coffee. I used to be scared of spiders, but I grew out of it. My favourite colour is red, but I rarely wear anything but black. And I have absolutely no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

Sooo, that’s me. I’m really interested to hear from you guys, so shoot me a comment and let me know a little bit about you!

9 thoughts on “Introducing Amy.

  1. i think you’re the opposite of what i’m. i love the idea of getting married. and i crave for a daughter! i like soft music, which is sad and well romantic! i also wear black tho!

  2. I’m a fellow misanthrope but my favorite color is blue. I think I’m a decent cook and I’m no longer a fan of marriage.

    1. My work uniform is blue! I actually kind of thing marriage is archaic, but I’m also a cynic so I’m probably not the best judge, to be fair.

      1. I agree that marriage is archaic. I think a lot of people have unrealistic expectations when they get married. Are you a cynic or are you a critical thinker? There’s nothing wrong with being either one, especially in today’s world.

    1. I own both an acoustic and electric guitar, a violin and a ukulele. I don’t practice with any of them half as much as I should though. Yet, I am in the process of purchasing a piano to add to the collection of unplayed instruments because…well, no willpower mostly.

      1. Completely grasp the malady. (low w.p.) Had same disease, in my 20’s. Got by on a series of spectacular enthusiasms. Coincidentally, like you, one was the acquisition of (and dreaming about playing of) musical instruments of all varieties. (This is why I asked…) I think your problem fades away eventually. The mind/heart focuses, gets absorbed enough by something to loosen the ego & poof — you start doing something simply for the love of it. Plus this activity is experienced as superior to fretting about willpower, etc. Cannot describe how or why, but it will happen. Just be positive. And collect instruments, by all means. Their beauty will keep you going. 🙂 Thanks for answering.

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