Never my Type

I got asked out for dinner the other day.

A guy approached the shop, and made casual small talk. He asked about what I do, the hours my shop is open, commented that he liked my lip piercing. Nothing all that different from conversations I have every day. He walked away, after asking my name and giving his own.

Perhaps ten minutes later, he came back. He asked a few more questions, including what I do with my spare time. He suggested that, if I don’t do anything, perhaps he and I should hang out. I was saved from answering by a customer approaching the counter. The guy with all the questions once again walked away.

Another couple of minutes went by, and Question Guy returned once more. He finally said what I (finally) deduced he had been edging towards from the moment he first approached the shop; he asked if I would have dinner with him.

Now, first thing I should point out is that I am unused to being flirted with, and so didn’t really pick up on it until the second time he came to the counter. And second thing is that,in my perpetual social awkwardness, it didn’t occur to me until far too late to tell him that I’m not typically attracted to men. By the time I thought to mention it, it would have sounded to anyone’s ears very much like a bad excuse.

Suffice to say, I politely declined. He asked again, and I declined again, ever so slightly less politely. He was not rude, he was not creepy. In fact, he was certainly nice enough, but nice only goes so far when persistence becomes uncomfortable. He kept telling me I ought to give him a chance. I kept telling him no. Finally he conceded, and wrote his number down in case I changed my mind. (Spoiler; I didn’t) It was an awkward five minutes, and I was happy to see him walk away.

I called my best friend immediately after because I had to tell her all about it. She found the whole thing, and my social incompetence, highly amusing, and suggested that being asked out by a seemingly nice guy would be a dream for a straight girl. The problem being that his efforts were entirely wasted on a raging homo like me. I’ve had the odd spot of male attention in my years, but never once have I been approached by a pretty girl and asked out for coffee, or dinner, or something. Go figure.

In all fairness, it takes a bold person to approach a stranger and asked them out. But next time, if I’m gonna be flirted with, I wouldn’t mind if it was someone…y’know, more my type.

2 thoughts on “Never my Type

    1. That was exactly my response. I told my best friend on the phone; I didn’t mind being asked (you never know unless you try, right?) but frustrated to be urged beyond my response. A girl can only say no so many times (once) before it becomes harassment.

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