There is something wild and untameable about heartache; it rips through your body in endless waves and shatters your soul into thousands of tiny pieces. And yet still, it doesn’t kill you. It feels like it should, but you wake up every day still breathing. You can feel the whole universe in a single drop of salt water, and nothing will ever feel as sharply real as the fingernails that you dig into your skin to hold yourself together.

We were made to feel. We are complex, and unusual, and fragile, and so very strong. We experience a galaxy of emotions and somehow we contain all of that feeling into a tiny, insignificant, fleeting form. In the scheme of things, we’re not much more than a speck of dust. And yet we feel, so powerfully. How is it that we don’t explode from the sheer intensity of it all? To experience emotion is to be human. What a cruel and wonderful trick.

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