I find myself getting unexpectedly angry about little things. Things that I should expect. Things that take me by surprise. Things that I have absolutely no way to control, and therefore no way to change.

I try not to let myself get angry. I tell myself, quite rationally, that I’m being silly and that I need to stop allowing myself to give into anger when it is largely useless. But the emotional part of me argues aggressively against the logic, and usually wins. I am often led by emotion, often to my detriment.

It’s difficult to stop letting your emotions guide you, when you rely so heavily on them. But giving in to little rages is usually a sure fire way to end up caught in a giant one.

I will try my hardest to let go, to move on, and to accept that there are some things beyond my control. I will try harder not to let my anger drive me. I will try to remember that I control my anger, not the other way around. I will try.

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