Sunday Musings

Things are starting to heat up. No, not a euphemism. It’s summer in Australia, and whilst the last month was reasonably free of super hot days, January seems determined to remedy that. Today it’s expected to get to 37, and the same again tomorrow. Which is fine, if you don’t live in an ancient house with no air conditioning and a tendency to retain heat long after the sun has gone down.

I had plans to sew today, because I haven’t had any free time to do any this week, but I’m dreading the notion of slaving away over the machine in this kind of oppressive heat. So I might make the shirt I was planning to piece together this morning before it gets too hot, and then spend my afternoon watching Friends under the fan or something.

I always dread this time of year. I’m a cold weather person, you see. I like winter, and autumn, and those lovely spring days that don’t get above 25. But summer is a torrid time, and it is guaranteed that I’ll be easily irritated, sleep deprived and uncomfortable. But, I’m still chipping away at my savings, so maybe by next summer I will be able to afford to put a deposit on a house with actual air conditioning. It’s the dream!

But it’s not just the heat that has me restless and losing sleep. I am looking for a new job too. See, things at my current job are about to get a whole lot more unbearable. The girl I trained for 12 months is about to move to the city, and therefore she can no longer work for me. Which means I got stuck this week trialling two different men, neither of which I was particularly thrilled about. Unfortunately I had no choice, and was forced to settle on the slightly less underwhelming of the two. But the guy they’re going to hire – that I will now get stuck training for the next 12 months unless I do find a new job – has the attitude of one who will try and be the superior person in the shop. I have a sneaking suspicion that I am going to be spending my time bringing him back down to reality, and reminding him that I am the boss. In addition to this, my area manager is leaving as well, which means I now have to deal with a newcomer who will unboubtedly be out there trying to prove himself (because it’s never a woman) and turn into a real pain in my ass.

This week has, for various reasons, been stressful. I’ve cried. I’ve gotten overwhelmed. I’ve gotten angry. And we’re only 10 days into the year! I hope this isn’t a precursor to the next 12 months because I tell you, I am so not here for that kind of energy! No, honestly I think it’s just going to be a bit of a rough patch until I can sort a few things out. Until then, I’ll battle on, with the vague promise of better things to come to keep me going (it’s good to think positively, no?)

That being said, if anyone would like to buy a winning lottery ticket and post it to me, I’d be eternally grateful! Anyway, I’ma go have some breakfast, and do something productive before the heat gets too much and I give up on the notion! Happy Sunday, everyone!

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