Redundancy, and Change

I’ve been made redundant. Or I will be in five weeks.

I work for a company that has many franchises. My shop, which has been up to this point company owned, is about to be bought out. We just started a new guy this week, and he will go with the shop. I, on the other hand, will be let go.

Sounds like I got the raw deal in this whole scenario. And the truth is, I suppose I did. My six years with this company doesn’t appear to count for much, despite the insistence of my area manager that he would do all he could to find work for me. On the surface, it looks bad. But the thing is, I was getting ready to quit anyway.

My last trainee just quit. I got lumped with a new guy, a reject from an interview with my sister store in the other shopping centre. I had no say in the hiring process and effectively got stuck with the dregs of the last interview. The new guy is…creepy. And I don’t have the energy or the patience to spend the next 12 months training him, when I just finished training the last person we hired. But that aside, I’ve long felt that my time with this company was coming to an end anyway. There is a shift coming, and a big one. I’ve been struggling with where I’m at, and wrestling with the choice to stay or go. This change in my work situation was just the catalyst for a bigger change in my life.

I have no idea what I’m going to do next. But I feel liberated. I feel a weight lifted. I am ready for whatever the Universe throws at me. I think I’ve been ready for this for some time, and now that things are changing, I expect that things will start to fall into place. I am, for once, letting go of the reigns and putting it all in the hands of fate.

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