Grey Days

Most people I know love the sunny days, the heat, the balmy weather. Me, I love grey days. My favourite kind of weather is the miserable kind. Few things make me as happy as a rainy day, or a big thunderstorm; and I always feel a little bit sad when the sun comes out to play afterwards.

I am endlessly fascinated by clouds, and will often stop in the side of the road to photograph the sky with my shitty phone camera. Those views make me wish I was an artist, so I could spend my time painting the beautiful scenes I love so much.

It’s been especially cold and wet here the last few days, and as I write this I’m rugged up on my couch with a blanket and a cup of green tea. I’m rarely more content than I am right now.


New House, and Good Things

I have moved into a new house, in a new town, entirely on my own. I’ve been looking forward to this since shortly after I moved out of my last solo house, which was almost two years ago. And now, to my absolute joy, I am once again living alone.

As you are probably aware, I am not the most people friendly person in the world. My experiences living with others have only reiterated to me how much I do enjoy being alone, and having my own space. I like not having to put pants on to walk from one room to another. I like being able to watch whatever I want, and take up all the space on my (admittedly tiny) couch. I like practising guitar, or playing video games at 2am without an angry face popping out of a bedroom door to tell me to go to bed. In fact, there’s not much that I don’t love about living alone, if I’m being honest.

The move was relatively painless, and we got all my stuff into the new place fairly quickly. Though the front two rooms are in various states of disarray, I plan to organise it all this weekend and, assuming I can find the missing screws for my sewing table, hopefully set up a sewing space. Which makes me so happy, because it’s been so long since I last had a dedicated space to create. And the space, sweet baby Satan, the space. There’s so much of it! My first house was a tiny little cottage that suited me just fine, but this place is huge! In fact, it’s probably more space than I need, but I am certain that this house was meant to be for me.

See, when I was applying for houses, the place I’ve moved into is one of only two properties I was actually able to inspect. The other was way too small, so I didn’t bother applying. I applied for plenty of other places, but every single one of them was leased before I even had a chance to inspect. Now, you could argue that the reason I was approved for this place is because it was the only one I got to properly apply for, but I believe the other inspections were cancelled because this was the house I was meant to move into. The universe is funny that way, and when she sets her mind on something, it’s best to just let it happen.

Now of course, the first thing I did on my first night in this giant place, was cleanse it. Sage smudging is an important part of my moving house ritual; call me New Age-y, but if you don’t expel negative energies from your house, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. For me, I like the clean slate and it helps to make the house mine, and remove any lingering energy from the previous tenants.

I’m excited to see what this new adventure has in store for me. I passed my final assessment at work on Thursday, so I am now officially qualified at my job, and I get a pay rise to boot! For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m on the right track, and that’s a really great feeling.

An Open Letter to Two Creeps

Dear Creeps,

I couldn’t help but overhear – mostly because you were being obnoxiously loud about it – but you both seemed to have quite the obsession with penises, and I just can’t help but wonder if it’s maybe because neither of you have one. So I thought I’d offer some free advice; there’s these amazing things you can buy in sex shops nowadays, they’re actually a strap on penis. I highly recommend you each go and purchase one, since it might help with those feelings of inadequacy you both have going on, and your apparent inability to attract any kind of positive attention from a woman.

Let’s be real here; I am a grown woman. An adult, for all intents and purposes. The word penis does not shock me, no matter how many times you repeat it, or how loudly you say it. If your childish antics were intended to illicit any kind of response from me, I’m afraid I was no more inclined to give reaction than if you had have repeated the word chair with the same increasing regularity and volume.

You see, I’ve had experience with men of your ilk before, and I am more than familiar with the game. The game in which one or more of you see a woman on her own, and do your best to make her feel scared or uncomfortable. I have long since discovered, through countless encounters of a similar nature, that blatant ignorance is the best response, which is exactly what I did tonight, as you leered at me and made crass comments. I didn’t rise to the bait, despite how desperately you tried for my attention. Your juvenile and boorish behaviour does bring some questions to mind, however.

Firstly, I wonder if you would treat the women in your life the way you treat a stranger. If you do, I feel supremely sorry for them, and even more disgusted with you. Secondly, I wonder how you would feel if it were you subjected to the lecherous behaviour you demonstrated tonight, and whether you would have handled being objectified with the same cool detachment I managed. And finally, I wonder if you would be so bold had I have been in the company of a male friend of family member. These are all questions I will never receive an answer to, but they are valid questions nonetheless.

The point where you crossed the line from nuisance, to clear harassment came when I left after getting my coffee. Let us be clear. In modern society, it is not considered polite or acceptable to closely follow anyone out of an establishment and repeatedly ask “want a penis in your mouth?”. There is absolutely no situation where that is appropriate to do to a stranger, and it was reprehensible behaviour. You thought you were being funny (which only goes to show what abhorrent, mouth breathing jerks you really are), but being intentionally intimidating for the purpose of amusement is a vile thing to do. Had I have turned to upend my scalding coffee over your heads, I would have been justified.

I would like to think that better people might reflect on their actions, and realise it was a dick move. But, as evidenced by your Neanderthal natures, you have neither the brain capacity nor emotional ability required to show respect and consideration where it is due, and that is it highly likely that you were just too stupid or ignorant to realise it was wrong. Though that is in no way an excuse for the way you behaved, it at least means I can lower my expectations about you feeling remotely apologetic.

Yours in disgust,


Left Unsaid

I never say what I want to say. The words get stuck in my throat, and what comes out is not what I’m screaming inside my head. My lips are painted with the ghosts of a thousand whispered confessions, murmured to the night and lost in the nothing. Bravery would unleash those secret things and leave my throat unobstructed, but I have always been scared. Words are both weapons, and chains, and I am trapped by things left unsaid. I am small, and I was never meant to be a hero.

Random Life Update

I signed a rental lease yesterday, and today began the preparations for the pending move, which is in about three weeks. I sent off my first rent payment, and the bond. I am arranging to have my storage shed lease cancelled, I organised to have the electricity set up at the new house effective from my move in date, and now the only other things I need to do are make sure the gas gets connected, and cancel my gym membership…which has gone unused for at least the last two months. So, all in all, today I have been a real adult.

My new job is still going really well. I feel a little overwhelmed, and there have been more than a few times in the last two weeks where I feel like I’m not absorbing the information as fast or as well as I should be. It’s quite a complicated job, but I am hoping that I can keep barrelling on and do my best to stay ahead of the curve. Or at the very least, on par. However all those things aside, I’m really glad that I took the chance on the application and that I have come this far in the process. What makes the job even better are the people in my training group.

I’ve said before that I am not particularly good at making new friends. For a myriad of reasons, new friends and I don’t usually seem to stick. My work family are just a really rad bunch of people. There is a lot of laughter in that little training room, a lot of support, and daily shares of puppy photos. We have all fallen into a comfortable friendship in the last couple of weeks, and I feel really lucky to be in that group.

I’m in a very positive mindset at the moment, and I’m excited for the new changes and possibilities coming my way. It makes a nice change, that’s for damn sure! I’m going to leave you with a photo of the view I get to see every night on my drive home. It amazes me every time, just how far the distance stretches, and it makes me realise just how very small we really are.

Mt. Franklin view 4/4/18

First Week

This week was a little hard, y’all.

So far I’m really enjoying my new job. It’s really full on, but I think I’m doing ok. The guys I’m training with are all rad dudes, and we get along really well. Plus, I got paid today which is always nice. The drive in the morning has been ok, despite the getting up crazy early bit. It’s the driving home part that really gets to me.

I have had two very near misses in my car this week. One was earlier today and both have, regrettably, been my fault. Both ‘almost-accidents’ are the direct result of my overtired, over exerted brain. I think I’ll be spending a fair portion of this long weekend catching up on my sleep. I’ve been a little stressed, in between studying, and trying to organise house inspections, in addition to the whole work thing. Plus, it’s shark week, and that’s never pleasant for anyone.

I think I need a bit if relax and recuperation time this weekend, and then back to work on Tuesday. On the positive though, I’m fairly certain that I’ll be signing the papers for a new rental next week, so it should see an end to the early mornings and the long drives by the end of April. Yay!

The Lonely Life of Biddy Weir

Recently, I went into Big W looking for a specific book. I didn’t find the book I wanted, but I did leave with six other books instead. The Lonely Life of Biddy Weir was one of those six, one purchased on a whim because the blurb just captured my attention. It turned out to be one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.

As you can guess from the title, it is about a young woman called Biddy Weir. She is quirky, and misunderstood, and considered by everyone to be a little bit odd. In fact, she is so odd that Alison, the mean girl at her school, nicknames her Bloody Weirdo, and the consequences of that name stay with her all through her school years, and well into her adulthood.

As she suffers daily torment and abuse at the hands of Alison, her self worth slowly vanishes. Every happiness she has gets wrenched away from her, for the cruel entertainment of a bunch of girls. If I’m honest, the book is actually rather reminiscent of Carrie, albeit without the telepathy and the violent ending. But something about Biddy got to me, and stuck.

It is a heartbreaking story, and a familiar one. The one who dances to the beat of her own drum, is always the one left outcast and alone. Because even today, in our supposedly liberated society, to be considered weird is an insult. And Biddy is weird. But that is what makes her so special. Author, Lesley Allen, created a protagonist that I loved instantly, for all the reasons the other characters hated her.

The book is well written, has a steady pace, and is full of heart. It is beautiful in its sadness, and made me cry…and I’m not usually emotional. If you’re a little bit weird, I encourage you to meet Biddy. And I challenge you not to love her.