Introducing Amy.

Good morning, folks. I would like to introduce myself. For many of you, you may have been around long enough to have read my last ‘about me’ post, but I feel that it’s worthwhile to periodically reintroduced myself, so that people who may have forgotten, and any new followers, can get to know a little about the person behind the keyboard.

My name is Amy. I am 25 years old, and I live in sunny Australia – though you wouldn’t know it if you saw my pale complexion! I am not especially remarkable. The kind of person you wouldn’t pick out in a crowd, to be honest. Slightly below average height, a little chubby, brunette, bespectacled and with a killer resting bitch face, or so I’ve been told. I am the second oldest of four (older sister and two younger brothers), I’m addicted to peanut butter chocolate, I’m single, and I can’t wait to get a puppy. I think marriage is weird, and I never want kids. If my domain name didn’t give me away, I’m not a big fan of people in general. Bill Hicks said it best when he said we’re a virus with shoes. The man was a flippin’ genius.

I have an eclectic taste in music, but often leaning more towards the alternative and Metal side of things. I love horror films, and will happily sit and watch ten episodes of Law and Order: SVU in a row, but my favourite movie is Ten Inch Hero (it’s not what it sounds like, I promise!). When it comes to books, oh anything and everything; but my favourite authors are Chuck Palahniuk, Gillian Flynn, Patrick Ness and Neil Gaiman, with a special spot reserved for Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant series.

I am a self taught sewist (not technically a word but I roll with it), I own four instruments that I still can’t play, I used to fancy myself a writer but these days I think I’ll stick to blogger, because to be honest, I haven’t written anything else decent in…well, longer than I can recall. I am a terrible cook, but not a bad baker. I love a good green tea, but I can’t stand the taste of coffee. I used to be scared of spiders, but I grew out of it. My favourite colour is red, but I rarely wear anything but black. And I have absolutely no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

Sooo, that’s me. I’m really interested to hear from you guys, so shoot me a comment and let me know a little bit about you!

House Made Introductions

A person’s house tells a lot about them. You can always tell the people who tidy for company from the people who don’t. You can usually tell if someone supports a particular sporting team, or if a girl spends ten minutes or three hours in the bathroom. It’s the little things we don’t really notice that tell people the most about us. I can be completely summed up to a stranger by five things in my house. Which is to say, someone I don’t know could walk into my house today and leave after ten minutes with a fairly good notion about the kind of person I am.

Firstly, when you walk into my house, is the typewriters. They’re right at the front door, sitting atop some bookshelves that house a rather significant collection of books. This is the first thing people see. You can deduce one of two things from these cute little vintage pieces. I am either a) a pompous hipster with a penchant for buying vintage items to make myself seem cool or b) I am a writer (and aspiring author) with a deep and profound love of the written word, and a genuine interest in writing implements from history. It’s the latter, by the way.


Secondly, as you make your way through my house – and by that I mean taking about a step and a half into my lounge room – you will see the large collection of books stacked slightly precariously atop a small but varied DVD collection. Now, in addition to the bookshelves when you first walked in, these thirty odd books will tell you that I am a voracious reader, with a tendency to buy books in bulk and happily make my way through them at my own leisure. That stack has been, at varying levels, a part of my living arrangement for the last six years. At least.


Before you move onward, to the right is my bedroom. There, on my side table is my iPod, plugged into the dock and playing music (Amorphis at the time I took that photo). My iPod is perpetually playing. There are very few things I do, without the accompaniment of various styles and genres of music. Everything from Metal (the likes of Dimmu Borgir, Opeth and Dark Tranquillity to name a few) to instrumental pieces, progressive rock to folk and blues. I have what one might consider an eclectic taste in music, and I can’t go through my days without some musical motivation.


Take a couple more steps and you will find yourself in my kitchen. To the right is my sewing room, where you will find a dressmakers mannequin wearing an almost finished gown of my own design, just awaiting the final touches to complete. Now, this is pretty obvious. Mannequin, almost completed project, fabric everywhere, sewing machine on the table; I sew, guys. There’s really nothing more to it than that.


You don’t even need to take any more steps here, because on the wall outside the sewing room door, hanging in my kitchen is a canvas print that reads ‘Keep Calm and Put the Kettle On’. This could be admittedly taken a couple of ways. Perhaps I enjoy entertaining? Nope. Maybe I am a coffee drinker? Nuh uh. I drink copious amounts of tea. Can’t live without it, I am truly a writer cliche. I have about thirty different kinds of tea in a cupboard specifically designated for it. So I suppose, perhaps the fifth item should be my tea cupboard, but the canvas is more obvious and frankly, if a stranger were to go through my cupboards, I would find that unforgivably rude.


And that’s about it. Oh, of course there are other things, if one cared to pay attention. The collection of Pop Vinyl figures that indicate a love of pop culture and geekery, the empty fridge that tells you I am a lazy cook, the prints on the walls that let you know I am a collector of cool art. My house is very Amy. There is no way you would walk in and mistake me for a footy loving jock, or a smoker or a painter or a cat lover. We make our space our own and sooner or later, that space will inevitably tell others who we are. So what does your house say about you?

Behind the Scenes at Amy HQ

Ok really, the blog title might sound fancy but the truth is, it’s just a veiled way of saying I’m going to talk about myself for a little bit. A recent influx of new followers have prompted me to write such a blog, so that y’all out there reading can get to know a little more about the person behind the posts. I think it’s important to know your audience when you write, and it’s similarly important for an audience to be able to relate to the writer. And also, my workmate asked me to write a blog this weekend, and I really have nothing else to talk about! So here goes yet another effort in self absorption, with ten bits of otherwise useless information about yours truly.

Bonus fact; forever in black, forever pale.

1. My nail polish is perpetually chipped. I rarely have natural nails, because it’s just not the way I roll, but the colour on them only looks good for the first hour or so. A day if I’m lucky. And yet I keep painting them, despite the frustration. Glutton for punishment, me.

2. Whenever I’m sewing, I somehow always end up with a pin in my mouth. It’s a subconscious habit, that I only ever notice when my jaw starts to ache from the tension, at which point I will remove the pin, only to have another take its place between my lips moments later.

3. I am moderately good at a few things, but not great at anything. Which I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing, but I certainly wouldn’t say I have any exceptional talent…unless falling over is a talent, that is.

4. I am notoriously vague and forgetful. I once told my best friend the same story within a half hour. The problem with this, is that people have a tendency to mistakenly think I’m a bimbo, which is a very difficult misconception to shake, let me tell you.

5. I am not especially affectionate, which makes me particularly adept at abrupt goodbyes. I am forever walking out of social gatherings with barely more than a wave and a collective goodbye.

6. I like to be actively doing things and I can’t sit still. So much so that whenever I’m sitting down, I end up rocking back and forth, or side to side. Which makes me look like a crazy person apparently, but it’s yet another subconscious habit I’ve got.

7. I am an incredibly lazy cook. I can’t get motivated enough to even bother a lot of the time. I don’t mean I eat takeaway a lot, but let’s just say I’m a huge fan of Mi Goreng.

8. A large majority of my close friends are older than me. Not just by a year, but by eight or more. I have always found that I get along really well with people older than me, and less so with people my own age.

9. I am a terrible liar. I can’t lie, even if I wanted to. My darned traitorous cheeks flush with embarrassment every time I try! Which leads me, naturally, to be bluntly, brutally honest about pretty much everything.

10. I have a burning, yearning desire to perform music. The only problem is that I’m not the most vocally powerful singer in the world, and I suffer from a crippling lack of instrumental talent. So for now at least, I perform concerts only for shower head. And occasionally give weird mini song and dance shows at my place of employment.

Bam, there you have it. Now you know me a little better, and Sarah’s blog demand has been filled. Now I’m going to go and make breakfast, because my stomach is grumbling in protest. Happy Sunday, y’all.