New House, and Good Things

I have moved into a new house, in a new town, entirely on my own. I’ve been looking forward to this since shortly after I moved out of my last solo house, which was almost two years ago. And now, to my absolute joy, I am once again living alone.

As you are probably aware, I am not the most people friendly person in the world. My experiences living with others have only reiterated to me how much I do enjoy being alone, and having my own space. I like not having to put pants on to walk from one room to another. I like being able to watch whatever I want, and take up all the space on my (admittedly tiny) couch. I like practising guitar, or playing video games at 2am without an angry face popping out of a bedroom door to tell me to go to bed. In fact, there’s not much that I don’t love about living alone, if I’m being honest.

The move was relatively painless, and we got all my stuff into the new place fairly quickly. Though the front two rooms are in various states of disarray, I plan to organise it all this weekend and, assuming I can find the missing screws for my sewing table, hopefully set up a sewing space. Which makes me so happy, because it’s been so long since I last had a dedicated space to create. And the space, sweet baby Satan, the space. There’s so much of it! My first house was a tiny little cottage that suited me just fine, but this place is huge! In fact, it’s probably more space than I need, but I am certain that this house was meant to be for me.

See, when I was applying for houses, the place I’ve moved into is one of only two properties I was actually able to inspect. The other was way too small, so I didn’t bother applying. I applied for plenty of other places, but every single one of them was leased before I even had a chance to inspect. Now, you could argue that the reason I was approved for this place is because it was the only one I got to properly apply for, but I believe the other inspections were cancelled because this was the house I was meant to move into. The universe is funny that way, and when she sets her mind on something, it’s best to just let it happen.

Now of course, the first thing I did on my first night in this giant place, was cleanse it. Sage smudging is an important part of my moving house ritual; call me New Age-y, but if you don’t expel negative energies from your house, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. For me, I like the clean slate and it helps to make the house mine, and remove any lingering energy from the previous tenants.

I’m excited to see what this new adventure has in store for me. I passed my final assessment at work on Thursday, so I am now officially qualified at my job, and I get a pay rise to boot! For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m on the right track, and that’s a really great feeling.

What to do When You Don’t Win the Lottery

I didn’t win the lottery today. I won back fourteen dollars of the twenty two it cost me to buy the ticket, but the fifteen million, as I understand it, was won by someone in Queensland. Lucky bastard.

I never actually buy lottery tickets and expect to win, and I don’t buy them regularly. Just every so often, when I’m feeling particularly unlucky, I purchase one. See, even though I never expect to win, I figure if my luck is so bad to warrant buying a ticket, then maybe the universe will take pity on me, and grant me some millions. Amy logic, and logic that has never won me more than twenty five dollars at a time, but I stick with it because…well, we all have to hope forĀ somethingĀ better, right?

Take my trip to Tasmania (is just over a month now guys, I’m so excited!). I am taking the trip because I need a break from pretty much everything. But I am also going for two other reasons; to write, and to look for employment opportunities. Because, since I didn’t win the lottery today (or any other day), I figure it is up to me to try and better my own situation. Despite my periods of doubt and unhappiness, I am taking a proactive approach to keeping my head above water. The issue with trying to find work in Tassie is, unfortunately, the lack of job opportunities. There are more jobs in this one city than the entirety of Tasmania. But nevertheless, I am going to scout it out and see if maybe something comes up. It surely can’t hurt!

See, I kind of came to this realisation a few weeks back, after my first job application in Tasmania, and the subsequent conversation I had with my best friend. He said that the job in question (which I’m certain I didn’t get, since I haven’t heard anything back) could end up being really lonely. And I said to him, “so maybe I only do it for a year. The beauty of decision making is that it’s so rarely final.” And it has kind of become my mantra lately. I know that where I am right now, is not the place I have to stay, either mentally or geographically. At the end of the day, the decision with what to do with my life is mine, and mine alone. And I have to stop letting everything and everyone else try to make that decision for me. So I make a choice, potentially make a move. And if it doesn’t work out, (like the last one), then I move on and find something new. I always talk about wanting to spend my life on adventures, maybe now is the time to start.