Little Big Brother Joins the Army

My Little Big Brother joined the army today. My great big dorky brother is off to live his life, finally doing what he’s been talking about for years. We had dinner with him Sunday night, and yesterday he stopped in briefly to dad’s before getting off to the city to do his march out to do his 80 days of training. There was a hug, some casual banter, a bit of the ol’ semi serious fisticuffs (that I am pleased to say I won, despite being a few feet shorter and a bunch of kilos lighter) and then he buggered off like the big adult that he is (pretending to be at least).

It’s weird, I’m not sure how I feel about it all yet. I mean, he’s doing his own thing and I am dearly hoping that the army will help him with his prioritisation and organisation problem – which is to say, he sucks at both of them. I’m proud of him (just don’t tell him that, his head is big enough as it is!) and glad that at least one of us has our lives in some semblance of order. On the other hand, I’m going to miss one of my closest friends and I guess the small part of me that feels emotions is a touch glum about that.

For the next 80 days until I see him, there will be no coffee and catch up dates. There will be no dinner at dad’s and watching movies that he has chosen specifically to annoy me. There will be no bitching to each other about people we both find irritating. And when he does come back, I’m not sure for how long it will be, before he goes off again. As he said to me last night, he’ll be back after his three month of training, and then the next time we see him will be in September for my sister’s wedding, and then Christmas after that.

It’s strange to consider that my kid brother – who still is a kid in a lot of ways – is going off to start the life he has been dreaming of for years, set himself up for the things he wants and he carry out plans he has made. I’m 23 and I still haven’t got any plan! Ah well. Off to bigger and better things, brother. Have fun, don’t get yourself killed and do all of the things. I’ll see you in 80 days.

Little Big Brother and the Breakfast Agreement


What do you do when your normally lovable little big brother calls you at nearly three in the morning, waking you up in the process, and asks for a lift home? Well, you blog about it, of course.

I have three siblings; an older sister and two younger brothers. Of the three, only my middle brother is also a friend, though that never used to be the case. Basically we were normal fighty siblings until my mum left, and then it was just down to Jackson and myself (my sister moved out years earlier and mum took my youngest brother with her). When you have three siblings to fight with and end up with one, the fighting sort of stops, in favour of a tentative unspoken agreement to be nice to each other. Sometimes easier said than done, especially when we were both teenagers living under the same roof. But over the years, we developed a close bond and he has become of one my favourite people…most of the time, anyway.

So tonight, my long working week finally over, I went out for dinner with my best pal, came home and surfed the net a little bit, got into bed and promptly fell asleep mid masturbation. Now normally missing out on a good orgasm would annoy me but, as someone who rarely sleeps well, in this case sleep wasn’t at all a bad option. I was sleeping soundly and dreaming of bizarre things (as per) when I was yanked out of my own head by Alexisonfire. My phone, ringing and buzzing on my bedside table, and Jackson’s face staring at me from the screen. I allowed myself a groan before answering and the conversation went something like this;

“hey bro, you awake?”
“well I fucking am now! What do you want?”
“uh, can I please get a lift?”
“home? From town? Via Chris’ house?”
“ugh. Let me get dressed. I’ll be there in ten”
“thank y-” *Amy angrily hangs up*

So I kicked off my covers, found pants on the floordrobe that has accumulated over the last two days and put on my biggest, baggiest jumper to disguise the fact that I wasn’t going to put on a bra,hunted down my keys and drove into town. I picked up my brother and his friends, dropped the aforementioned Chris off and then drove Jackson and his housemate home. He had just assumed I’d be awake and didn’t even bother to ring a taxi, which made me even more irritable. We’ve been in this exact situation countless times before and I never ask for payment so I thought, this time the cheeky sonofabitch owes me. And so tomorrow morning, it’s broski’s shout for breakfast.

He’s a great big lovable dork most of the time. And even tonight, he thawed my icy mood with his unfailingly cheerful disposition and silly humour. But sometimes, I just wanna kick his big stupid face. Problem is, he’s about two feet taller than me, and well, I’m just not that flexible.


In light of an event that occurred today, I just wanted to give a little homage to one of the greatest people I know.

He’s always smiling. He’s someone I can rely on. He’s one of the hardest working chaps I’ve ever known. He has a cheerful disposition, and a kind of infectious positivity. He has the biggest heart of anyone I know. People are drawn to him because he’s impossible not to love, even when you kind of want to hit him a little bit. He makes my life better and I couldn’t live without him. He’s the kind of person that hugs you like he means it. He would protect you and fight for you. He is one of my three most favourite people in the whole wide world and I love him.


I could have lost my brother today. And that thought scares me more than moths and spiders and anything else in the world. I don’t know how I could survive without that big dork and his perpetual grin. I’m typing this and tears are blurring my vision as it hits me again how close he came to not being here.

Be safe on the roads, folks. And understand that the ever-underrated good night’s sleep is more important than you might think. My brother was lucky this time. I can only hope that there won’t ever be a next time.

(I love you, broski. But if you ever die, I’ll kill you.)