People Are the F*cking Worst

You know, I really fucking hate people.

I was raised to be a decent human being. I offer petrol money if I get a lift somewhere. I help out my friends if and when they need it. I accept responsibility for the things I do wrong, admit my fault, and graciously accept the repercussions. But apparently not everyone has the same conscience that I do. And it’s those people; those inconsiderate, conscience-less individuals, that really make me angry.

I work at a shopping centre. There is no staff car park, and the parking bays themselves are not particularly wide. Nevertheless, I am constantly in disgusted awe of the people who simply cannot park properly. I’ve seen all manner of terrible parking, from crooked angles, to parking completely the wrong way across three bays. Trust me, I’ve seen it all. Today, I left work and went to my car, passing several bad parks on the walk. I got to my car, and there it was. A series of long, deep gauges across the front and back doors of the left side of my car.

My photography skills are shit, much like the person who did the damage

Some idiot, probably in a 4WD or large SVU judging by the height of the scratch marks, has tried to pull into the park beside mine, obviously misjudged the distance, and hit me. But then, instead of backing out and realigning the car, they’ve just kept going, scraping their car along the side of mine and leaving both doors noticeably scarred. This in itself is bad enough, but the bad driver clearly didn’t think anything of damaging my car, and then driving away. No note. No apology. No accepting of responsibility.

My car is not quite three years old. I managed to avoid any serious damage for two and a half years. But this damage today is the second time in as many months that someone else has hit my car, in a car park. The first woman didn’t put her handbrake on, and buckled my rear bumper when her car hit mine from behind. I got it fixed through my insurance, the first time I had ever made any kind of claim for anything. But she at least had the common decency to give me her details (even though she was driving unregistered and her plates belonged to a completely different vehicle). But this person today really grinds my gears, for the sheer fact that they didn’t give me the basic common courtesy of accepting their mistake.

Broken bumper.

It’s been hours and I’m still seething. Yes, the damage can be repaired, but it’s going to be at my own cost. And, since the fault isn’t mine, that really smarts.

Seriously. People fucking suck.


A few days ago, I picked up my brand new car. I’ve been waiting a few weeks for it to arrive, so for a while there, it wasn’t really in the forefront of my mind. However, since I picked it up and have been driving it, I have actually become one of those people that kind of wants to talk about cars. Because it’s pretty, and new, and when you go from driving a 30 year old car to driving a brand spanking new one, well, you just have to get excited a little!

Today, because I had nothing else to do and because I’ve been itching to take the car for a little trip to run it in, I decided to visit a little town about an hour or so away from where I live. I visit this town every few months or so, just to do something different and break the monotony of my constant surroundings. It’s a little hippy, a little hipster and full of kooky, quirky things to buy. I love it. And today I was fortunate, because they were having a market. So I perused the stalls at my leisure, picked up a few goodies and happily meandered about, enjoying the sun and the fresh air.

I stopped in to a few of my favourite shops, and did a bit of impulse buying. And I had two women, on two separate occasions, compliment me on the dress I was wearing. Now, the cool thing about that, is that I got to respond with ‘thank you, I made it myself!’. I finished the dress this morning, and the opportunity was perfect to wear it, so I was more than a little chuffed that I’d gotten complimented. I love being able to make and wear my own clothes, and to receive compliments makes it just that little bit more worthwhile.

Hello, I'm a girl, evidently.

A quick stop at the vintage market, and I was on my way home. It was as I was driving down a 100km stretch of road, that I came to realise something. I was actually a little anxious. As you may have read, I had an accident a few months ago (hence the buying of the new car). I wasn’t the least bit hurt but, while I think the experience has subsequently made me a better driver, I realised that it may actually have also made me a touch paranoid. I don’t know entirely whether it’s just because my car is so new, or because the accident is lingering in my subconscious, but the entire way home I felt uneasy. Stupid psyche.

Anyway, driving unease aside, today was such a lovely day, and I feel like I just had to share it with you! I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday too!

Edie vs the Universe (and Rain Slicked Roads)

I had a car accident yesterday. I was driving home from work. It was raining. I was literally a minute away from my house when I went round a bend – the same bend I drive around twice a day, three times a week (sometimes more). All of a sudden my little car decided it didn’t want to cooperate and the back wheels spun out. I hydroplaned, my car doing a full 180 and sliding to the wrong side of the road before ending up and over the gutter, with an almighty bang.

R.I.P, little Edie.

I wasn’t hurt, but I can’t say the same for my poor old Edie. Though I fortunately managed to miss all oncoming traffic and the two sign poles on the gutter, I hit hard enough that I knocked the back wheels and door well out of alignment. My dad says the car is a write off. Which means I am now without a car, and with no money to buy a new one. And therein lies my problem. So now I’m desperately weighing up my options, doing research and trying to figure out how I’m going to get a new car. And how I’m going to get to work in the meantime.

The thing is, I was planning to buy a new car at the start of next year anyway. But this accident throws a huge spanner in the works. Firstly, it means I can’t sell it. Secondly, it leaves me without a car until I can get approved for a loan…providing I CAN get approved. And third, it means the big old universe decided to push my plans ahead, without even asking me. Rude. And the real kicker? I had only paid my registration a couple of hours before. There goes $660 I could have used for other things!

It’s funny, the way life works. I’ve been wondering whether I can justify buying a new car, seeing as how I’ve only had it for a bit over twelve months. I don’t necessarily need a new car, but Edie has her troubles and problems, being an older car. And it would be nice to own a car that actually goes into gear without me needing to jiggle the gear stick. Problems aside,I was happy to wait until 2016 before I got anything newer. However, now that my car is written off, I don’t have another option. The universe has a tricky way of making your decisions for you I guess. Though honestly, I’d have preferred a winning lottery ticket.