Motivated at 6am

The world had a different feel at 6 in the morning. If you leave your house at 9, or even 8am, a larger portion of people are awake. Cars speed past with ever increasing frequency, the sun rises higher and, at this stage in the year, brings with it the cloying heat that makes you feel in equal measures heavy and gross. But things are different at 6am. 

Today is my last day of 8am starts at work for a while, after two weeks of it. I started back at the gym last week, having not been for months. So, in order to fit in the gym before work, I’ve been getting up early, well before six. And I think I could get used to it. There’s something about getting up early that makes me feel motivated, like I’m starting the day off positively. Of course, my body clock hasn’t quite worked itself out yet, and so I fall asleep earlier but then wake up at four so…I guess I gotta work on that. But, nevertheless, getting in some regular exercise and starting my day with something proactive is certainly the best thing I’ve been able to do for my physical and mental well-being. And makes me feel infinitely better about sitting my chubby butt on an office chair for the better part of the day!

When I don’t go to the gym, I go for a walk. As a self professed hater of people, this is actually preferable. I can put in my headphones, and listen to tunes that I actually like, instead of the crap that they blast over the gym speakers. I don’t have to worry about looking or feeling awkward, because there’s generally no one else around, and it helps to get into a routine.

6am is a good time to be awake.