Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I got a hair cut yesterday. I’ve been hankering to chop off my locks for months, despite pretty much everyone I know telling me I shouldn’t. The salon finally called me back this week and I booked my appointment, much to my relief. I sat in the chair yesterday, and watched my hair fall to the floor. I felt better and better with every snip of the hairdressing scissors.

The change was not drastic. I lost maybe three inches of length, tidied all the layers and finally found a hairdresser who actually knows what a side fringe is. But it was enough to make me feel considerably better. And I didn’t even necessarily feel bad, just tired of the same old look. My hair, falling to somewhere around waist length, is the one feature I get complimented on most often. Which, I suppose, is why everyone was so hesitant to see it get hacked off (not that I care overly about other people’s opinions on what I should do with my own hair, mind you). But I’ve been growing it for five years, so for me the change was overdue.

It’s kind of funny how something as small as a haircut can make all the difference to one’s mental state. Now, if I could just lose ten kgs and actually fit into some of my old clothes again, I’d feel heaps better! But either way, a haircut is just the beginning. An overhaul is coming. I need to break free of the cycle of negative I’ve been trapped in for months, and with this new look, I feel I can focus on a new outlook.

Finding the Good in Every Day

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Ok, so we all know I’m not exactly the most positive person in the world. It’s not that I’m negative on purpose, it’s just my brain likes to automatically assume the worst. It’s a bad habit that, at 24, I think I need to break. Or at the very least, I need to start working on breaking. You know what they say, transformations don’t happen overnight.

So I am going to try and find at least one good thing in every day. Some days that is going to be easy, some days I’m sure I’ll struggle. But the point is to at least find something, even if that one good thing is as simple as getting out of bed. Take yesterday. I could have focused on a certain thing that made me absolutely livid. And believe me, the thing in question had me sending angry, ranty snapchats to a couple of people so I could vent. But if I allow that one thing to ruin my day, I would have to completely disregard the larger number of good things that happened yesterday. Good things like the fact that I got to have dinner with my friend Sarah. Or the fact that work went reasonably quickly. Or the fact that Tara Moss, a woman who I’ve come to greatly admire – and be inspired by – started following me on Instagram. I admit, that last one kind of made my whole week.

I figure if I am able to find something good in every day, then I can focus on that one (or more) good thing instead of getting caught up in the negative. And that one good thing will hopefully make it easier to be ok on those days when I don’t feel ok. So here’s to the good things. May they be plenty, and constant.

By the way, today’s good things are chocolate and Amorphis. Or music in general, really. I get to play my own music at work because I’m the only one in the shop, and it genuinely makes me happy to get to chill out and listen to some awesome tunes. And chocolate…well, that doesn’t really require an explanation!