What to Expect Here

Hello. It occurs to me that there’s no real description of my blog anywhere, and some people might not know exactly what they’re getting into. So, I figured I ought to give you a brief rundown of the things you’re going to find here. Ahem.

I consider myself a writer, largely because it’s just what I do and also because I am infinitely more eloquent in writing than I am when I actually talk. This blog is a way for me to keep my writing regular, even when my actual novel writing seems to cease entirely. Which it does. A lot. It is a way for me to make sure that, even if I’m not working towards an eventual publication, I can keep up with some kind of writing, ensuring that I don’t stop altogether.

A rare insight into the darkest recesses of my brain, this blog is often ranty, occasionally preachy and every so often witty. Or at least, I like to think it is! In addition to my angry rants and heartfelt monologues, my blog is sporadically interjected with creative writing pieces, (usually in the form of short poems) and the odd music/film/book review. In addition, I sometimes post about sewing and making of the things, because everyone loves a bit of creativity. I write about whatever I have cause to discuss at any given time, which is anything and everything.

So please, peruse at your leisure, comment as you will, don’t be a jerk and we’ll get along just fine.



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